Aug 30, 2023

Lawyers for the Department of Justice said in a Tuesday legal filing that Sam Bankman-Fried’s plan to argue his lawyers approved alleged fraud during his time at FTX should be struck down for being “irrelevant."

Video transcript

The Department of Justice said in a filing on Tuesday that Sam Banken Fried's plan to argue that his lawyers approved alleged fraud during his time at FX should be struck down for being irrelevant. Us. Attorney Damien Williams said in the filing that SBF should specify the legal advice or abandon the proposed defense altogether. While S Pf's attorneys say that sufficient disclosures were made and that his client's conditions in jail have violated the US Constitution will tossing this one off to you. What do you make of this? Is this just lawyer stuff? Is this just stuff we got to get done? Can I ask you that you're the lawyer on this show? I'm not, I'm no lawyer, no lawyer at all. I'm just a crypto boy. Oh, wait, wait, crypto or Bitcoin boy. Choose your words here in reverence of the, the famous Tik Tok video. I'll be, I was gonna choose your words carefully though, you know, sure, we gotta be careful on these streets these days. Uh OK. Back to SPF our other crypto boy in this story, not having a great time. Apparently, he's also having some bail bond issues. Of course, he covered that last week where they got rid of his bail. He was on bail for $250 million but then he started tampering with witnesses and, and the DOJ wasn't a big fan of that. They went to the, the prosecutors went to the judge got his bail revoked. He went to prison. He's in Brook, Brooklynn right now in jail awaiting his trial in October. And there's some disputes going back and forth about him being able to prepare for his hearing. He wants to be let out five days a week. That doesn't really work in jail. So that didn't happen. But they did give him some leeway to go on the internet. Uh, they gave him a laptop. It had like Microsoft Word and Adobe on there. It was kind of like some fun little nuggets. Uh, and then also some limited access to the internet, but he's still not even happy with that. And he was like refusing to go back to his jail cell apparently at one point. So, uh, we do have a little bit of a prima Donna moment in jail in Brooklyn, which is just again, more drama for Sbs Saga. Zach. I think this is lawyers gonna lawyer, right? They're trying to dictate the terms. They're trying to say what's in play, what's out of bounds. They're going back and forth with the judge trying to, again get their client the best possible shake that they can. I don't know if it's gonna work. There's a lot of crazy information out there. Thanks in large part to Sam Beg Andre's public statements as he tweeted through it all. He uh was very much vocal in public during this whole thing. And so it's gonna be hard, I think to uh land the things, land the requests that his legal team is asking the judge in this instance. But hey, that's their job. They gotta try to get the best possible shake that they can for their, for their client. They are doing so. And now we get to talk about the different jobs of the legal proceedings leading up to the crypto trial of the century in October. I don't know if there's a ton more to say beyond that. But you know, there's these little updates they keep happening. This is the legal system. Everyone in crypto now is an expert in bankruptcy law and an expert in the the finer points of um the legal process. So we get to, we get to witness this, we get to learn as we go and we get to see little headlines like this. That again are those sort of uh little minor updates leading up to the big thing this fall. I think Jen may have some more nuanced to offer and I saw her raise her hand. So it's maybe not more nuanced, but I want to add here just as um as in addition to what will was saying the DOJ is saying that the tech that SPF has access to goes above and beyond what other defendants have been offered. And I think that's important to note here. You know, they're saying that he doesn't have enough to be able to prepare for his defense. But if we look at other people who are in the same situation, they may not have the means or the resources to fight as hard as SBF is to meet with his defense lawyers. Um I also want to point out here that the DOJ has filed another motion to dismiss all seven of Sam Bakeman Fried's expert witnesses. They're saying that the disclosures are insufficient experience may be misleading and that their planned testimony is not relevant. So it will be interesting to see what happens there. He has seven expert witnesses and the DOJ is saying that none of them should be able to testify, Wendy. Um I was actually gonna ask you that Jen because I didn't read all of the article. I know I come so prepared every day. So there were so many articles, it's not your fault, it's not just there, there are so many. Um but that's what I was gonna ask is, is the tech that he has, is it comparable to other people in kind of similar situations? I don't want to say similar because the type of case it is and I also think it's important to know, I mean, he is extremely tech savvy and I can understand why the judges are like, no, we don't want you to do this because you have a long history of doing committing crimes with this type of technology. So to me, it would make total sense and this is why he has a team of attorneys to kind of navigate and deal with this stuff. And I do understand when you go through the legal system, you are very much involved in your particular case, regardless of the um the legal representation you have. But at the same time is he really to be trusted with these types of devices. And I know a lot of people are saying, oh, that's kind of conspiracies. But really when you think about it, it's, he did bad stuff using technology. So why would we give him access to technology so he can do more bad stuff and there are ways to get around things and what not. So, I don't know, I kind of feel like this is warranted. He hasn't, he has, he doesn't have a good, he doesn't have a good track record. All I want to say is he probably had the best at his parents' house and he had to go and keep flapping his mouth. So I do actually have some um some information really quickly. Um I did speak to somebody and they did in fact say that he does um keep track of like a lot of football statistics and just won't shut up. And his legal team is telling him to shut up and he's not listening. I'm excited. I'm excited for the trial. I wonder if there's gonna be like a Johnnie Cochran moment where it's like if the glove don't fit, you must acquit. Like, I wonder if there's gonna be that for SPF. And I wonder what, what call your new balances today? They're, um, slightly off white, like in accordance with all of that, you have an Adam Cochran moment, but probably not a Johnny Cochran moment. Oh, that was a good one. That was the.

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