Aug 29, 2023

Some customers of the now-defunct exchange FTX are getting hit by a new phishing attack on their FTX-registered email addresses.

Video transcript

FTX customers myself included hit by withdrawal phishing emails right after sim swap attack, which is super, super exciting. So apparently we're all receiving um phishing emails after Kroll, the claims agent in the bankruptcy proceedings was impacted by sim swapping attack. The attack linked customer balances and phone numbers and home addresses and the email say that the withdrawals are available on FTX. So you guys do have to be careful about that also to um customer information from Genesis and Block five were also leaked in that attack and account passwords and other sensitive data were not impacted. This is my problem you guys, this is my problem. My problem is I understand why people want a KYC. But at the same time, we can't even trust third parties to keep our information private. And we're talking about crypto investors. We're talking about people who could potentially be targeted, especially if their balances are leaked because uh let's face it. And I also think too if you're going to gaffle somebody up that is a crypto user, it's gonna be a lot different than just kind of robbing somebody on the street. So it makes it a little bit more scary. This is unfortunate to hear. It's good that Zach X BT posted this on his platform to get this information out to as many people as possible. So thank you, Mr Zach. Um but I want to toss this over to will cause will likes privacy like privacy though. I don't know if I implement enough about it. So there's also that maybe I don't care about privacy that much. Who knows? Uh This is pretty, it was gonna happen, right? Like we have a honeypot of information, all this KYC stuff. This is what happens when you have KYC. It doesn't matter how great your data, database plans are, someone's going to figure out how to get in there. Why? Because there's a lot of money inside KYC, like there's a lot of money inside this, this information. And so if you're able to crack the nut, then yes, you can get in there and get all the information squeezed out from people. So these fishing links are going to go out, do not click on anything. Be very careful what you're looking at just part of crypto. And if you're involved in one of these things, it's probably worth like understanding how to make like a sandbox on your computer, opening up links and protecting yourself from them in the first place. Because at some point, there is going to be information from the FDX estate about the ongoing proceedings and how it affects you as a creditor or debtor, the whole platform and you probably need that information, but it's going to be harder and harder to know which information is pertinent or what is dangerous. So just be careful out there. Feel like more we talk about crypto stories and more we're just trying to become experts in personal security uh in the cyber world. I don't know if I invest enough time in it. Probably not, but we certainly talk a lot about these stories on Dash Jen. I feel just like yesterday, I feel sorry for people who got into crypto who went and created an FTX account. After seeing, you know, one of those FTX commercials starring one of the big A list Hollywood celebrities or saw sports sponsorship went on to the platform and now they just keep getting rugged. Um time after time, I I'm sure people got this email maybe clicked on a link thinking they were going to get some of their money back. And now they're part of this scheme. The discussion around data privacy and data protection is one I think is larger than this industry. It's one I think that we could have an entire show on. And yes, time and time again, large companies, especially large tech companies have shown that they are not holding our data in secure ways and we see data breaches from like many different industries. This is not just a crypto problem. And so my message as it always is, is always look at the link you are clicking on, always look at the email address that you are getting an email from and this is the time to do your due diligence. Let's just if you are not sure, take some time, do some investigating, ask some questions, try and contact the company, ask someone who's maybe a little bit more technically inept than you and be careful out there. Wendy. I just have to say really quickly. Um One key thing to do. Well, first off, um was it, I don't, I didn't read in the story if it was FTX US customers or FTX because there's a big distinction there. Number one. Um number two, if you are in crypto and you do not have a burner email address for crypto exchanges or you are not creating a burner email for multiple different crypto exchanges, please consider doing that. Um That is not a hard thing to do. Anybody can do it. And it's just kind of a basic principle when in crypto um use two fa keep it on a burner phone um with nothing that's related to you um use different passwords um secure those safely. So those are just little tips that I like to give out because I feel like that is probably one of the easiest ways to um practice terrible upset, but not so terrible. I like this conversation. This is a really good conversation to have right, these massive honeypots, these massive troves of data that all these companies, these third parties. It's Home Depot. It's target, it's the biggest companies in the world. And sure enough, every time they fall victim to these things, it exposes people to real harm, especially when there's dollar amounts associated with people's personal information on the internet. Very scary. A lot of scary stuff going on crypto as it relates to that. And I think that conversation has yet to advance beyond how we fix some of these honeypot issues, but certainly Blockchain technology. Uh zero knowledge proofs. There are all sorts of stuff in this space around encryption that could be applied to fix some of these things that these established systems that keep throwing out these problems into the world. And it really sucks for folks. So I would hope that sometimes we, I hope that we reach a critical mass at some point where encryption powered solutions to these problems um finally become accepted uh widely because we're just not there yet. These big troves of data are really bad and it keeps certain people. So anyway, I'm glad we took this conversation down that path.

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