Crypto Sectors

Thoughtfully designed investible sector indices for the ever-changing global crypto landscape.

Crypto sectors are based on the Digital Asset Classification Standard (DACS), which evaluates and categorizes a broad universe of digital assets into distinct sectors. The constituents within these sectors undergo a screening process to meet certain trading and custody requirements, forming the crypto sector indices. The investible crypto sector indices encompass Computing, Culture & Entertainment, Currency, DeFi and Smart Contract Platform. The CoinDesk Market Select Index (CMIS) is the aggregation of all of these five select sector indices

  • CPUS, CoinDesk Computing Select Index

  • CNES, CoinDesk Culture & Entertainment Select Index

  • CCYS, CoinDesk Currency Select Index

  • DFX, CoinDesk Defi Select Index

  • SCPX, CoinDesk Smart Contract Platform Select Index



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