Curve Finance's Michael Egorov (Michael Egorov, modified by CoinDesk)
DeFi Heavyweight Curve Focused on Becoming ‘Safest’ Lending Platform, Founder Says

Egorov’s $100 million in loans taken from various protocols using Curve’s CRV tokens started to automatically liquidate on Thursday, sending the token down as much as 30% befo...

Jun 14, 2024
(Alpha Rad/Unsplash)
HLG Down Over 60% as Exploiter Mints 1 Billion New Tokens

The team behind the Holograph (HLG) said they have patched the exploit and is working with centralized exchanges to freeze accounts affiliated with the exploiter

Jun 13, 2024
Protocol Village: Aethir, for Sourcing GPUs, Launches Decentralized Cloud on Ethereum

The latest in blockchain tech upgrades, funding announcements and deals. For June 10 - June 12.

Jun 12, 2024