Scene from Protocol Village at Consensus 2023 in Austin, Texas.

Protocol Village: Fuel Labs Evolves Into 'Rollup OS,' With Multiple Native Assets, Combating State Bloat

The latest in blockchain tech upgrades, funding announcements and deals. For the period of Feb. 15-21.

Feb 21, 2024
Co-founder of Polygon Brendan Farmer (Shutterstock/CoinDesk)

Polygon, StarkWare Tout New 'Circle STARKs' as Breakthrough for Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Circle STARKs are supposed to accelerate the proving process for zero-knowledge rollups, according to a white paper published by Polygon Labs and StarkWare.

Feb 21, 2024
(Alina Grubnyak/Unsplash)

The Protocol: Restaking Tokens Are Exploding, and Restaking Isn't Even Live

In this week's issue of our weekly blockchain tech newsletter, Sam Kessler explores how "liquid restaking tokens" or LRTs are remaking decentralized finance. PLUS: Starknet's...

Feb 21, 2024