Screenshot of BitcoinShrooms website showing a few items from the collection. (

This $28K Pixelated Avocado Could Add to Bitcoin's Raging Censorship Debate

The NFT-like Ordinals inscriptions are anathema to some Bitcoin purists who want to preserve the blockchain for financial applications. But a few of the images are fetching ey...

Dec 7, 2023
Blocknative CEO Matt Cutler (Margaux Nijkerk/ CoinDesk)

Blocknative Releases New Ethereum Mempool Explorer, to Help With MEV Protection

The tool, which was released just a few weeks after Blocknative had to cut back on its MEV-Boost relay services, could ultimately help reduce instances of block-level manipula...

Dec 7, 2023
Jack Dorsey speaks at Consensus 2018 (CoinDesk)

Jack Dorsey's Block Bitkey Bitcoin Wallet Comes to Market in More Than 95 Countries

The company's new self-custody wallet consists of an app, hardware device and recovery tools

Dec 7, 2023