Screenshot from Hell Money podcast, with Runes creator Casey Rodarmor (right) (Hell Money)
Bitcoin Miners Reap Windfall as 'Runes' Debut Sends Transaction Fees to Record Highs

The Bitcoin "halving" was supposed to dramatically chop revenue of bitcoin mining companies. Instead, the simultaneous launch of Casey Rodarmor's Runes protocol has ignited a...

Apr 21, 2024
Screenshot of livestreamed watch party hosted by Tone Vays (YouTube)
The Bitcoin Halving Is Here, and With It a Giant Surge in Transaction Fees

The launch of Casey Rodarmor's new Runes protocol sent fees surging as users rushed to etch new digital tokens that can be launched atop the Bitcoin blockchain.

(Giovanni Calia/Unsplash)
This Bitcoin Halving Is Different. But Is It 'Priced In'?

Institutions launching bitcoin ETFs this year have buoyed the bitcoin price to record levels. Does that mean the impact of the halving — the four-year slashing of the bitcoin...