La fusión de Ethereum traerá diferentes consecuencias. (Bradley D. Saum/Shutterstock)

La fusión de Ethereum generará varias consecuencias para la blockchain, según Citi

Ethereum probablemente se vuelva deflacionaria a medida que decrezca su emisión por la continuación del mecanismo de quemado, dijo el banco.

Aug 5, 2022
CDCROP: Train Tracks Merging

Citi: Ethereum’s Merge Will Have Several Consequences for the Blockchain

Ethereum will probably become deflationary as token issuance decreases while the burn mechanism is maintained, the bank said.

Aug 5, 2022
CDCROP: Ian Macalinao is one half of the Saber brothers (Danny Nelson/CoinDesk)

Master of Anons: How a Crypto Developer Faked a DeFi Ecosystem

The Macalinao brothers used a web of bogus identities to create the illusion of a dev community, juicing value on the Saber protocol and Solana blockchain. Now they're moving to Aptos.



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