Puffer has reached a milestone $1B in deposits within 3 weeks of its launch. (Stelio Puccinelli/Unsplash)

Liquid Restaking Protocol Puffer Rakes in $1B in Deposits in Just 3 Weeks

Liquid restaking protocols are seeing ample demand from users as speculation mounts over potential applications for the Ethereum restaking juggernaut EigenLayer, and the pros...

Feb 20, 2024
Stellar Development Foundation's Tomer Weller, who is leading the "Soroban" project to add smart contracts. (Stellar)

Stellar Starts Phased Rollout of 'Soroban' Smart Contracts

The "Protocol 20" upgrade, which adds support for Ethereum-style smart contracts to the decade-old payments-focused blockchain, had been delayed by three weeks due to precauti...

Feb 20, 2024
(Getty Images)

Liquid Restaking Tokens or 'LRTs' Revived Ethereum DeFi. Can the Hype Last?

New liquid restaking platforms like Puffer and Ether.Fi have attracted billions of dollars in deposits, but they've birthed a speculative "points" frenzy that carries some ris...

Feb 20, 2024



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