Crypto Derivatives: A Corner of the Market or the Market Itself?

by Emmanuel Goh

ConsenSys Strategy Chief Steps Down to Launch Venture Fund

| William Foxley

ConsenSys CSO Sam Cassatt is stepping down to open a new venture fund focused on "evolutionary changes in human behavior."

bafin, germany

German Regulator Orders ‘KaratGold Coin’ Issuer to Cease Operations

| William Foxley

Two more governments have taken action against entities in the Karatbars ecosystem over sales of a purportedly gold-backed cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Falls Through Key Average as Traditional Markets Hit Record Highs

| Sebastian Sinclair

Bitcoin is at risk of another sell-off after its price fell beneath a key moving average on Nov. 15, while traditional markets hit record highs.

Criminal Case Against Failed WEX Crypto Exchange Points at Russian Law Enforcement

| Anna Baydakova

The administrator of failed crypto exchange WEX has reportedly told Russian police that he was forced to hand over users' holdings to the FSB.

Stablecoin Crisis Could Wreck Global Finance, Fed Warns in New Report

| Danny Nelson

The Fed warned that a stablecoin crisis could wreak havoc on the global economy and outlined the steps issuers must take to protect the status quo. 

tether, stablecoin

Tether to File Motion to Dismiss Class Action Lawsuit Based on NYAG Claims

| Nathan DiCamillo

The company claims that plaintiffs cannot prove Tether transactions caused bitcoin’s surge or that damages were incurred.

Chainalysis Says BitForex Trading Volumes Could Be Fake

| Danny Nelson

The BitForex exchange could be faking its bitcoin trading volume, according to a report by Philip Gradwell, chief economist at Chainalysis.

China Is Poised for Another Crypto Trading Crackdown as Speculative Fever Returns

| Wolfie Zhao

China appears set to crack down on crypto trading again after President Xi Jinping's praise for blockchain tech revived speculation in the sector.

Nestle, Carrefour Extend Blockchain Tracking Effort to Baby Milk

| Daniel Palmer

Nestle and Carrefour are using IBM's Food Trust blockchain platform to track organic baby milk products "from dairy to shelf."

Ukrainian Railways Branch Caught Mining Crypto With State Power

| Daniel Palmer

The Lviv branch of Ukrainian Railways has been caught red-handed diverting company electricity to mine bitcoin.