Researchers Uncover Bitcoin ‘Attack’ That Could Slow or Stop Lightning Payments

by Alyssa Hertig

As Lightning’s Economy Takes Shape, Devs Are Split on Proposed Fee Hike

| William Foxley

At the lightning network's inaugural conference in Berlin, the future economics of the bitcoin payment technology took center stage.

Binance CEO: Russian Ruble to Be First Fiat-Crypto Trading Option

| Daniel Palmer

Cryptocurrency exchange is soon to launch its first fiat-to-cryptocurrency trading pairs, kicking off with the Russian ruble.

Libra Could Drop ‘Basket’ and Issue Individual Fiat Stablecoins

| Daniel Palmer

Under pressure from regulators, the Libra project may consider a fundamental change to the way its planned crypto payments system will operate.

Major Korean Banks Join Government-Backed Blockchain ID Initiative

| Richard Meyer

Institutions including the Shinhan and NH Nonghyup banks have joined a blockchain identity initiative aimed to securely share personal data.

Bitfinex Files for Subpoena in Bid to Recover $880 Million in Frozen Funds

| Wolfie Zhao

Bitfinex has filed a subpoena application on a former banking executive of a trust company that it believes can help it recover over $850 million.

University of Malta, malta

You Can Now Get a Master’s in Blockchain From a School in (Where Else?) Malta

| Danny Nelson

The multidisciplinary masters' program is Malta’s latest in a national campaign to become a global blockchain business and education hub.

HTC’s Latest Blockchain Phone Can Run a Full Bitcoin Node

| David Pan

The Taiwanese electronics giant has launched the Exodus 1s phone with a built-in hardware wallet and the ability to support a bitcoin node.

SEC’s Court Hearing on Telegram Token Delayed Till Next Year

| Anna Baydakova

The messaging app company and the SEC will now meet next February to debate the regulator's claim the gram token is a security.

Crypto Derivatives: On Misleading Measurements

| Noelle Acheson

Noelle Acheson shows how using notional volumes to compare derivatives markets to spot is misleading – but, for now, it’s all we’ve got.

Fidelity Digital Assets’ Testing Opens to More Qualified Investors

| David Pan

Fidelity Digital Asset Services is rolling out its custody and trading platform to more qualified clients.