Aug 30, 2023

"The Hash" panel rewinds the bloopers of the show in the past two-and-a-half years.

Video transcript

Let's talk about one of Will's all time favorite moments on the hash will take it away. It's time to run it back. Guys, we gotta look through the hash history books here in the early days of the hash April of 2021. There was, I don't know, an outtake a blooper uh mistake on the show which I think we live down in books, the top five moment in hash history. Let's take a look. This is a big round one of the bigger ones that we've seen in recent memory and it suggests that investors are still seeing opportunity in these markets. I'm gonna throw this to you. Will there someone who seems to be crawling behind you, which is a fun look. So, uh I'm gonna toss this to you for your take. It's all right. No, my, I had a pipe burst in my house last night and now I have people crawling all over trying to fix it. Uh which is kind of fun to do in the middle of the show. But you know, that's how it is. Yeah. So yeah, that was, that was a fun moment where my landlord was running across the screen. It was like the uh the last days of COVID where everyone was like, working out of their house, but they didn't really know how to run it. Still my favorite part about those, all the haircuts we all have and uh seeing everyone on the show different, slightly different appearances than, than right now, just slightly, it's like slightly different versions of all ourselves. So, Wendy is a whole new person. No. Shout out to Naomi. Naomi is a really good friend of mine. She's an awesome content creator and I absolutely love her take on privacy and whatnot. But well, I'm sorry you had to endure that. It seemed like a really traumatic experience for you. Like somebody crawling on the floor. I don't know, I didn't, I didn't remember that. I really put you on the spot, but I'm glad that we leaned into it into, uh, you know, uh, what is it like? Uh Landlord Gate, what are we calling this like crawl gate? Landlord, something like that. I like landlord. Landlord was. Yeah, it was definitely something. So I'm glad that you just got to roll with it. You know, you got the punches here on the show. Must go on a few like that. In that same show, Naomi's cat made everything behind her come crashing down. So it was just one of those shows, you know, I will say we don't have any clips of my daughter trying to come into my office or while I'm filming and her saying, mama, can I have some candy at 8 30 in the morning? Um in Los Angeles, California. But that, that does happen quite often. Sometimes she does like to slip notes and I'm hungry. I want a hot dog. Um Can you hug me? So she sounds like me. Yeah, a hug and a hot dog. It's true. It's good stuff, good stuff. All around. All right. Well, thanks for taking us back to Landlord Gate. Will. We're glad that you survived and we're glad to have taken a look.

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