Gary Gensler (Third Way/Flickr)

Binance Says Gensler Once Offered to Be an 'Informal Advisor'

A letter from Binance’s counsel says that SEC Chair Gary Gensler should be recused from the case, given his history with the exchange and its founder.

Jun 8, 2023
FCA building (FCA)

UK FCA Proposes Ban on Crypto Incentives in Tough New Marketing Rules

The Financial Conduct Authority said it will treat crypto like a high risk investment, and will consult on new guidance for its rules on promotions.

Jun 7, 2023
U.S. Securities Exchange Commission Chair Gary Gensler

Robinhood Joins Coinbase in Saying It Tried to 'Come In and Register' Like SEC Wanted

The companies’ top lawyers testified in a House crypto hearing that they spent months trying to get the SEC to help them comply before being rebuffed.

Jun 7, 2023



U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Gary Gensler
One-Two Punch Finally Registers SEC View on Binance, Coinbase, Rest of Crypto

The mystery is over for how the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will come after the digital assets sector’s big platforms, though alleged skeletons in Binance’s closet drew more ire.

Jun 6, 2023
An EU study has rekindled a debate over crypto regulation
EU ‘Crypto Security’ Debate Turns New MiCA Law on Its Head

Whether to treat crypto as a traditional financial instrument can be a black-and-white issue, but European Union lawmakers appear to favor a spectrum.

Jun 6, 2023
Binance (Nikhilesh De/CoinDesk)
Binance Lawsuit Could Be ‘Huge Mistake’ or Bring Needed Clarity to U.S. Crypto Industry

The SEC brought 13 charges against Binance, alleging the exchange violated federal securities laws.

Jun 5, 2023
Texas flag. (Shutterstock)
Bitcoin Miners Gain Support From Texas With Two Bills Passed, One Halted

Two bills that seem to embrace mining have been sent to the governor, whereas one that would adversely affect miners was stopped at the committee stage.

Jun 1, 2023

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