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Finance & Deals


Co-Managing Editor

Omkar Godbole

Senior Reporter, Asia

Sam Reynolds

Stablecoins Reporter

Krisztian Sandor

Consensus Magazine

Operations & Strategy

Senior Editor, Content Operations

Betsy Farber

Audience Development

Social Media Editor

Chris Bridgman

Multimedia - CDTV

Executive Producer

McKenzie Stratigopoulos

Head of Studio Ops/Head Engineer

Jordan Muthra

Senior Producer

Nicole Gibson

Director/Technical Director

Lance Counts

Senior Booking Producer

Melissa Montañez

Senior Graphics Operator/Video Editor

Joe D'Addio

Broadcast Technician

Julien Le Pichon

Associate Talent Booker

Dilin Massand

Production Assistant

Victor Chen

Multimedia - Podcasts

Executive Producer

Jared Schwartz

Associate Producer

Eleanor Pahl

Events & Programming

Executive Producer, Consensus Programming

Karin Annus

Deputy Director, Events Programming

John Belding

CoinDesk Studios

SVP, Head of CoinDesk Studios

Sam Ewen

Product and Engineering