Aug 28, 2023

"The Hash" hosts have been reporting on the biggest stories in the digital assets space for over two-and-a-half years, but the journey is coming to an end on August 31, 2023.

Video transcript

For over 2.5 years. We've been hashing it out about the biggest stories in the crypto world connecting the dots on what matters and why. This week. Unfortunately, that journey comes to an end. The hash will be on on an indefinite extended hiatus on Coindesk TV and the podcast network following Coin Desk's recent round of layoffs. Our last show is gonna be this Thursday, August 31st. We are very bummed about leaving you all. But this week we'll take a look back at some of our favorite highlights and we might also have a few special guests up our sleeve. So I say that give you that announcement that we're going off air on the 31st for an extended period, but we are gonna do some looking back and we're gonna start today. So we've had a lot of big industry players join this show, including politicians like Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and Bermuda's premier David Burt. Let's take a look back to our conversation with David Burt at consensus 2023 in Austin about how the country's regulations played a role in protecting it from the FTX implosion. Let's listen and then we'll chat. Well, I think it was unfortunate. It was unfortunate for the persons who lost money. It's unfortunate for all of those persons who were lured in. But the fact is that it just speaks to the importance of making sure that you not only have a strong legal environment, but you are doing the regulation, which is necessary to prevent things because it harmed the overall industry and it caused a lot of pain for a lot of persons. And so from that perspective, you know, for us, we were, our regulator is very strict. So from that perspective, we haven't had any challenges like that in Bermuda, a trip down memory lane guys, it's been real sad for us to go. What are you guys thinking? How are you feeling, Jen? What do, what do you think, Jen? Why did you have to toss it to me first? I really, I, I think I said that the end of um or yeah, the end of last week, I'm gonna try so hard not to cry this week on this show. This is so sad and looking back um at that interview that we just saw, it was just like so wonderful to do the show. Uh IRL, we didn't have to hold our hands up. We could jam IRL. We talked to a lot of um awesome people at consensus and I'm just really sad. Now, it's gonna be really tough not talking to you guys. Every day and not interacting with our audience who joins us every day will. No. Yeah. It's a bummer. Uh, good run though. I mean, it's kind of fun to look back at the, all the times that we looked at interesting things within the industry. Just having a purview of Four Box too. It was really fun at one point. We were a five box, believe it or not. But just getting a different opinion from everyone who was on this show is probably a guy like for me because every topic has a different spin on it. And I think we definitely got a little, little spin on every topic here on this show, Wendy Jen. You're not allowed to cry because it'll make me cry. I'm going through so many personal things and I'm just like, it's just a lot. Um No, but I'm very grateful for this show. It's been an awesome show. I really enjoyed. Consensus. Consensus has always been my favorite event and I've enjoyed getting to know you guys and learning from you guys. Um, and fighting with will about um tech things because that's always fun to do and being combative. And then calling Zach and then telling Jen how pretty she looks checks out what we think. Oh, no, I'm glad that we launched into this David Be because I think the in person experience for the hash was always super fun because you're right. We didn't have to do like the silly like, hand stuff we could vibe off each other a little bit more easily. And plus we got to like hang out with people who listen to the show or watch the show on a regular basis. So that was always cool. I think bringing the hash to the live experience, uh, in addition to bringing on some great guests, we got to hang out with folks who cared about the show for its again, it's, it's incredible 2.5 plus year run stretching all the way, way back. So, yeah, it's gonna be fun to reminisce with you guys this week and it's gonna be fun to think about what we can all plot next. I know we have a lot of schemes. We've, we've hatched a lot of half bake schemes on this show. So we might have to revisit some of those. Uh at some point during this week, I think the first one we should revisit is the Garden for Egg Garden flag. Yes. Yes, that was one. Yeah. Yeah. I think we were gonna launch a bar at one point or maybe it was a restaurant. I think that the idea. Yeah. Gotta have those, gotta have those. So there's a lot, there's a lot that we need to, we need to unpack uh the evolution of the hash into its current form. It's been good. It's been good. That's all I got. I think we can leave the show there for today. But again, we will be here tomorrow. I can say that a few more times and I can always say that it's been fun.

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