Jan 12, 2024

"CoinDesk Daily" host Jennifer Sanasie breaks down the biggest headlines shaping the crypto industry, including the ongoing fee war between spot bitcoin ETF issuers.

Video transcript

Franklin Templeton slashes fees. And Larry Fink sees value in a spot. Ether ETF. You're watching Quin Desk Daily. I'm your host, Jen Sani ETF fee War is heating up here in the United States and it's looking like a race to the bottom when it comes to ETF fees. The latest asset manager to reduce their fees is Franklin Templeton who filed with the SEC today to reduce their fee from 0.29% to 0.19% making them the cheapest ETF available in the United States till August 2nd 20 24. The fund manager says it will also waive fees for its ETF until the fund reaches $10 billion assets under management. After initially revealing their fees on Monday, several providers quickly reduced their fees to gain some semblance of competitive advantage. Spot. Bitcoin ETF s clocked a whopping $4.6 billion in trading volume on Thursday with Franklin Templeton accounting for $65 million with the spot. Bitcoin ETF trading hands. Attention is turning to a potential for a spot, Ether ETF and Blackrock, Ceo Larry Fink has some comments in an interview with C NBC on Friday. He said, quote, I see value in having an Ethereum ETF and quote he added, these are just stepping stones towards tokenization and I really do believe this is where we're going to be going. Blackrock's. I should. Bitcoin Trust debuted on Thursday as we all know by now, after sec approval, the fund accounted for roughly $1 billion of the total 4.6 billion trading volume that the ETF S collectively saw Blackrock's spot. Bitcoin ETF fees are at 25 basis points. The asset management giant is offering a promotional rate of 12 basis points on the 1st $5 billion during the 1st 12 months. And crypto asset manager coins shares exercised its option to buy the ETF unit of Valkyrie Investments coin shares secured the option on Valkyrie funds in November and said the decision to exercise was based on the S ECs approval of the listing. Valkyrie's Bitcoin Fund ticker BRRR or Burr, as I like to say, accounted for $9.3 million of the 4.6 billion in trading volume on Thursday. Valkyrie's fee is set at 0.49%. I also believe that they reduced their fee recently. That's it for coin desk daily, get more updates on coindesk.com and we'll see you next time.

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