Jan 9, 2024

"CoinDesk Daily" host Jennifer Sanasie breaks down the biggest headlines shaping the crypto industry today, including BlackRock (BLK), VanEck and other potential ETF providers filing updated documents within hours of the SEC's response.

Video transcript

Another ETF filing and Jim Kramer says Bitcoin is topping out. Welcome to Coin Desk Daily. I'm your host, Jen Sani Blackrock and VK, two of the 13 firms hoping to launch a spot. Bitcoin ETF filed updated documents on Tuesday. The filings indicated that the two entities were among the hopeful issuers that the SEC sent comments to in the past 24 hours. The changes included wording that seeks to mitigate damage to shareholders in the event of insolvency and avoid conflict of interest between the ETF S authorized participants. The SEC is widely expected to approve all the applications this week as it faces a January 10th deadline for one of the applications by ARC and 21 shares. The CFTC is bringing defi back into the spotlight. The agency wants policymakers to look at ways of identifying individuals involved in decentralized finance. In a report, the CFTC said quote, the pseudonym and disintermediation provided in most defi systems presents serious concerns for policymakers focused on ensuring AM L and countering financing of terrorism regimes are effective and provide appropriate protections and victim recourse for consumer and quote. Last June, the CF DC won a lawsuit against Uki DAO for offering unregistered commodities. They also sued three companies for offering illegal derivatives trading. Those cases were all settled and former hedge fund manager and the host of CNB C's Mad Money. Jim Kramer said in a TV segment on Monday that Bitcoin was quote topping out days after he said Bitcoin was quote here to stay Kramer's pick have the tendency to move in the opposite direction so much so that there is even an inverse Kramer ETF an instrument designed for exclusively shorting assets mentioned by the popular TV personality as of 9:45 a.m. Eastern time, Bitcoin is trading at $46,668 up about 3.5% on the day. That's it for Coindesk daily, get more updates on coindesk.com and we'll see you tomorrow.

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