Aug 14, 2023

A recently released filing with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics reveals that former U.S. president Donald Trump holds up to $500,000 in an Ethereum wallet.

Video transcript

According to this story from coin desk policy, Donald Trump holds up to $55,000 in crypto. Um A filing with the US Office of Government Ethics showed that Trump holds approximately 500,000 in an Ethereum wallet. He released a collection of FC cards last year featuring images of him. I want to say they were on polygon though someone's gonna have to fact check me there. Um There were 44,000 digital trading cards featuring the former president in different costumes and poses and they sold out in a couple of hours in April of 2023. He released another collection which also stood out fast and he made between approximately 500,001 million from this. Um Previously, of course, I don't have the tweet but it um Trump had came out, I believe when he was still on X um saying not great things about Bitcoin, but I knew right away when he launched his NFT collection or this digital asset collection, it was kind of going to probably change his trajectory a little bit. Um I haven't heard the former president come out and say whether he's bullish on crypto or not or where he um how he feels about a CBD C and how he intends to essentially regulate it. Um But if he's a crypto toddler man, I might just have to vote for him. And now in this particular election, I am a single issue voter. I'm voting for whoever is pro crypto or Bitcoin. Um because I do firmly believe that if people do have access to more money, they have access to better products and services and it will help improve their quality of life. And a lot of the social issues that we argue about will still be there, but they will be minimized heavily. The tweets that you're referring to Wendy, I think in 2019, he tweeted that he wasn't a fan of Bitcoin. And then Anthony Scaramucci came out and said he doesn't believe that the president tweeted it and then that tweet was deleted. And then I think a year later he said that Bitcoin was a scam, but we have to remember that this was before him and his wife, Melania Trump found out about the wonderful world of NFTS and apes in from multiple projects. And so um they have a bunch of, of sitting in a wallet and I'm curious to see what they're gonna do with it. I don't want them to hoddle it. I want to watch what projects uh the Trumps are aping into and supporting will. What do you think? I agree with you and Wendy, I appreciate the hobbler sentiment here. Right. That's a big deal for us crypto enthusiasts. It is kind of interesting to look at like the Biden administration which did appoint Gary Ginzler and has moved forward with the very anti crypto bias. And then you look at the other side of the field, it seems like they're mostly pro crypto uh from the Republican side of things. It does seem like crypto is becoming more and more partisan. It seems some of the younger Democratic Party members are more pro crypto but the establishment right now as of in DC is more anti crypto and Trump who has cast himself as a populist time and time again coming around and trying to embrace crypto and even, you know, drop the NFTS that kind of fits this whole narrative as to the past. I think we could see a divide there and this is like a political issue now, right? Like we've talked about that time and time again on the show, we've even had Miami Mayor uh Suarez on the show a few weeks ago talking about how he's accepting Bitcoin. Big news. Right? Well, maybe only slightly because we've kind of gotten used to politicians saying they're going to use Bitcoin this point. A lot of people hold Bitcoin. So it's a political issue at this point. Zach, yeah, I mean, there's bigger things going on with Trump, right? Like, isn't there like new indictments and like, all sorts of stuff. I think the first thing alluded to, like, she's also, I mean, like, well, you know what I'm gonna, I'm gonna put it on because the current administration, the blue people, they don't like crypto, they don't like liberty, they don't want you to have clear guidelines. They just want to go ahead and litigate and this is proven because they put Gary Ginzler into office. Gary Ginzler has not done anything to indicate that we're going to get some clear guidelines with any crypto assets. I don't have a problem with um go litigating people that they've done something wrong. But hey, I feel like this might, I feel like this is all planned, all these indictments maybe because Trump is pro crypto man. Like who knows? I don't know if we can go that far, Wendy. That is the moment we might be. I don't know, we, we need to have some sort of entertainment on this show. Come on. I am just a mere idiot on the internet, please. It's, I mean these could lead to indictments in the future because a lot of these NFT things are not great, right? Like they're not a great way, you know what it is. Trump? Trump and Melania released a digital collectible collection. OK. Big difference, big difference in if you don't say NFT, it's not an NFT. It's not a token man. It's just a collectible like um uh like a watch or a, like a, like a pixelated foot pick or something. I don't know, like a Trump dinner plate. They love those Trumps. They love licensing their images for Chaki. They've just done it in the digital realm. That is what it is. Go NFTS.

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