Aug 10, 2023

Calaxy co-founder and NBA star Spencer Dinwiddie joins "The Hash" to discuss how attitudes have shifted towards digital assets over the last six years.

Video transcript

In your interaction with these like new G league players or anyone who's coming to the league? I mean, they're like 17, 18 years old. These are like web three natives in a way, right? Where they might have NFTS and might be interested in crypto when you're interacting with these players who are now coming to the league and getting these big paychecks, but also have maybe like purchase Bitcoin. Are you seeing like any discussions there that you're not seeing with some of the veterans in the league before that perhaps, you know, they missed that boat already? Yeah, I mean, I, I won't say, uh miss the boat necessarily because obviously, I think uh one of the cool things about the NBA is you have, uh even in the age gap that, that we do have, let's say 35 18 to 35. Roughly um a lot of the older guys are still looking to invest, make money, et cetera. So, you know, they're gonna be a little bit more well versed on Cryptocurrency than, than maybe the, the average uh elder statesman in society. Um And again, it's kind of a miss because the five isn't necessarily old. Um, I'm 30 years old but, uh, yeah, I, I think, uh, with people that are more familiar with FTS Web Three, it's just a more seamless conversation. It's like anything else. Um, like if, if you have a little bit of a knowledge base it's easier to talk to about it. Um, and then just looking at the evolution over the last, uh, let's call it six years. Right. Since about 2017. Um, I'm not crazy anymore, you know? I mean, uh, it's, it's not a, a, no, I mean, that, that's real like, and, and, and the, and the not crazy, I mean, maybe, um, kind of on a, like a AAA tree branch to a degree, maybe a little bit off of the, uh, the, the, the normal path, but I'm no longer like the insane crypto guy. So that's, uh, that's always fun.

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