Aug 9, 2023

The Aptos token (APT) is climbing after Aptos Labs, the developer of a layer 1 blockchain started by former Facebook employees, announced its partnership with Microsoft (MSFT) to expand its tools and services using artificial-intelligence technology.

Video transcript

Microsoft and Atos Labs collaborate on new A I Blockchain solutions. So they plan Atos plans to expand its tools and services using Microsoft's artificial A I tech ATOS is a layer one which if you guys didn't know it is. So just giving, giving that to you. Um It was started by former Facebook employees to bring the company scrapped DM project or labor to life. That was at Pesky Stable Coin. And I think that we mentioned that yesterday on the show as well. Um And um I think we could probably do a history corner on how it got smacked down by the public servants way back when um also a will leverage Microsoft's infrastructure to deploy new offerings that combine A I and Blockchain. And it's going to include a new chatbot called Atos assistant. And it will answer questions about Atos ecosystem and provide helpful resources to devs building smart contracts and apps. So this is more of a developer tool from what it sounds like to me, I probably wouldn't use it because I'm not a DEV and I have no interest in any way, shape or form in becoming a because it's a completely different beast and nothing but love and respect to all the devs. We wouldn't be here without you. I do want to toss this over to um my fellow trap Queen Zach for some commentary. Sure. Let's do this thing. The Move Wars, right? The Move Wars are very much the subtext of this conversation, right? So you had all these guys and girls who were over at Libra doing the DM project, it disbanded and World was birth the move programming language, it was an open source technology. And now we have two kind of competing layer one projects a and bringing this technology to market. Now, a lot of people say this is a good programming language is a good framework for making sort of mainstream ready Blockchain applications be that gaming NFTS what have you, right? So all of a sudden, I think you have a race of two really um potentially important players in the market trying to get their name out there by any means possible. And one of the, one of the one of the most tried and true ways to do that is to partner with a big name. Web two brand. I see will laughing because I know which projects he's gonna mention when I stop talking. But this is something that we've seen time and time again where web two says, OK, we'll do a little, some, some we'll suggest that we have a little bit of buy in into what you guys are building and we'll see where it goes. And I think this one is certainly again around DEV tools, which is great. It's all about getting developers onto these various largely undeveloped base layers. Um So hopefully that will move the needle for a but this is a playbook that I think is, is familiar to longtime observers in this space when it comes to upstart crypto projects, teaming with longstanding and well established web two brands. Um Sometimes it leads to good stuff. Sometimes nothing really much materializes out of it. But there is a lot of excitement, at least in the short term that investors are seeking to capitalize on. So I'm gonna, I saw Jen but let's give it to give it to my fellow. OK, I'll go first. I will go first yesterday. We spoke about A I making people's jobs easier, right? And I think this challenge that we have in this industry is we're building consumer facing apps, we're building apps that people need to use and we want people to build those who have built apps before that people have used and those people have been building in web two. I know in web three gaming, this is uh a big challenge for, for uh companies that are developing web three games is how do we get web two developers to come over here and build games that people actually want to play? I'm sure that this challenge exists in other uh sectors as well. And I think that if A I can help solve that problem, if A I can make development and creating web three apps and these different ecosystems easier, I am all for it. I think getting Microsoft behind it, you know, a big web two player, big, big player and like building up the infrastructure for web two to be a partner. Even if I don't know uh what capacity they are a partner in, in this. But even if it is just the name, I think that helps build trust. And if I come back to just my experience working in uh web three gaming, that trust is really important. When you're trying to attract um developers, we talk so much about attracting users, but when we're attracting developers that trust is important. And so I think that this is a good news story and we're probably going to see a lot more and I wouldn't be surprised if there are more announcements uh when it comes to Microsoft uh empowering these ecosystems with A I. Well, you guys are gonna make me the bad person. I'll be the bad person. OK? This is the last salvo of a dying layer one chain. They don't have anything left in the armories. They're shooting off the Microsoft press release. I agree. I agree. Well, like every, every layer one that you forget about year after year, this is what they do. I wait for the Amazon one next. And guess what? They're running a note. They have an A I chatbot. That's not a project that's not serious. Come on, everyone does this, everyone does this and then they're irrelevant. 90 days later, 100 80 days later, whatever the whole project, the move war, it failed, the whole idea behind it failed. No one cares about suite. And at this point that's the kitty's table. And if you want to play on the, on the real chains, the real uh things like Ethereum, then you're gonna have to step up and you can't be doing like these Amazon on these Microsoft announcements. I think we're moved past this. Like we've done this and we've seen this way way too many times. Wendy. I agree with you 100%. I don't see what the big deal about this A I chatbot for developers is like, how many developers on Atos? Is there? There would be more maybe if there was a chatbot for them to be able to create smart contracts easier. So, all right, just like we said, we're gonna wait for the Google partnership. We're gonna wait for the Amazon partnership. We're gonna wait for the mcdonald's partnership. Talk about, please sponsor the show. We need you. Let's wait for the Taco Bell A I chatbot. Um order thing. So you don't have to go through the drive through the market. Begs to differ. The, the, the A token A PT search 15% of the news according to the market price a year. I thought that you and Wendy were building the trap house and I were gonna become beekeepers and benefit of the doubt versus doom and gloom down here, you know, benefit of the doubt, see what happens too early on and see what's the point of documenting this entire industry. If we just like, we can't learn from lessons of the past. Right. Zach? Like, what's the point? It's a good point. It's a good point. If you, if you are in crypto, you either have mental illness or you're a masochist, nothing else or both or both.

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