Aug 8, 2023

A new Morgan Stanley (MS) report notes that artificial intelligence (AI) and the accompanying technology will be one of the most important secular investment themes over the next 10 years.

Video transcript

A I is here to stay. That's what Morgan Stanley is saying over the next 10 years, the A I will only become more important and guess what? We're not going to a bubble with A I according to historical trends of bubbles over time A I does not not have the peak to trough percentage gains over the last six months to mean that we are in a bubble as compared to other cycles. So this A I stuff is really here to say guys, Wendy, you're big on A I I feel it. What do you, what do you take away from this report? Who me? I got cut out. I couldn't hear. Um I don't like A I but it's coming. Yeah, I don't like a I because I think A I is gonna help institute UB I which I think will be absolutely detrimental to humans globally. So I don't like that because humans have need, humans need to compete. Like that's just how we are made, we need to compete. So I don't like A I but I know it's coming and I'm not gonna fight it and I'm gonna along with the A I and make as much money as ethically as possibly because, um I think that it's here to stay. Um I do think it could potentially make jobs and make different things work better and work easier. But at the same time, I feel like there's no regulations, there's no one telling these people creating A I protocols and tools like what they can and can't do. Which is probably why Gary Gensler from the SEC says he's putting crypto on hold and he's gonna focus on A I which I don't even know if that's part of his jurisdiction or not because that's technology. But then again, we have the agricultural committee all over crypto. So I don't understand. Um But yeah, gay A I A I, we love the A I. Yeah, the pivot A I man. Everybody in crypto going to A I crypto funds pivoting A IA I is not going anywhere. And I have this pet theory that like A I autonomous agents, they are gonna love crypto, right? Because they can't open bank accounts but they can't open a wallet and when you have your and A I is making your life easier, you can tell one of those A is to go spend some coins to get some stuff done. So telling you crypto is gonna be the native currency of A I and it's gonna make crypto all the more important. So we already have, we already have bots A I creating bots but do you really want something? Do you want a machine to have access to like to execute transactions for you? That's the scary part about it because I mean, you have to understand the people that are creating this code, they still have different types of emotions and who knows if it's malicious if it, it's good, like what the intent is and who knows if there's gonna be a back door there, there's, there's things that make me nervous, man. I don't trust people. We're supposed to trust and verify and or not trust and verify ourselves and do all these things in crypto. But then again, we're just aimlessly putting all our business out there. And I'm like, I'm gonna give 100 bucks to giga brain A I trading bot and it's gonna be amazing five years from now. It's gonna be amazing. That's all I gotta say. Boom. All right, Jen, what do you think? Uh My note here says, thanks Morgan Stanley. Like, thanks for coming out after all the big headlines have taken over after we've seen a, I have been discussed from a regulatory standpoint and say A I is actually the thing that we should be focusing on over over the next 10 years. I, I agree with all of you. I think that um yeah, I do, I agree with you guys. I think that A I and Blockchain are probably going to underpin like the next version of the internet. But I don't know. This report didn't really tell me much.

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