CoinGeek Conference New York's 'Cøbra' Must Unmask to Challenge Craig Wright's Legal Costs, UK Court Rules
Wright, the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin, was granted permission to serve legal papers on Cøbra as he sought a declaration of his ownership of copyright to the Bitcoin white paper.
CoinGeek Conference New York

CoinDesk - Unknown Website Went Dark After Being Hacked From Apparent Giveaway Scam
The website for, an open-source project that aims to support Bitcoin development, went dark early Thursday after being the victim of an attack claiming it would double funds sent to it. “The Hash” team discusses the latest giveaway scam making waves in the crypto industry.
CoinDesk - Unknown

locks privacy Hit With DDoS Attack, Bitcoin Demanded as Ransom is being hit with an "absolutely massive" distributed denial of service attack, according to the site's pseudonymous operator.
locks privacy

CoinDesk - Unknown
‘Father of Bitcoin Toxicity’ Mircea Popescu Reportedly Dead at 41
Billionaire bitcoin holder Mircea Popescu, also known as the “Father of Bitcoin Toxicity,” has allegedly died at age 41 by drowning, according to unconfirmed reports. Monero’s Riccardo Spagni, who knew Popescu as an internet chat acquaintance, discusses his relationship with Popescu and what he’s learned.
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bitcoin logo Rebuts Craig Wright's 'Meritless' Copyright Claim on Bitcoin White Paper
The open-source project said it would not comply with Wright's demand to take down its copy of the iconic founding document.
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do not enter Briefly Shut Down by Denial of Service Attack; Bitcoin Not Affected
While the site was inaccessible, bitcoiners shared the software to newcomers wanting to download Bitcoin's code.
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