With the crypto markets rebounding into the green and a look at the existential challenges blockchain technology presents to traditional finance, CoinDesk’s Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.

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Today's Stories:

Stock Futures Point to Dow Extending Rebound

Oil Rises With Strength in Equities Countering Higher Stockpiles

European stocks jump as investors brace themselves for further European Central Bank stimulus

US housing inflation: the sleeping giant that might tip the Fed’s hand

Central banks and wealth funds going greener and more activist

Bitstamp Adds Support for Tether’s Euro-Backed Stablecoin Amid Increasing Demand

Bank of America Is Clearing Crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs) for Hedge Funds in Europe

Digital Yuan Insurance Policies Land in Shenzhen

Canada CBDC ‘Probably Necessary’ for Competition, Central Bank Says in a new Paper

EU Policymakers Propose Tighter Regulation of Crypto Transfers

Institutional Demand for Bitcoin Remains Weak

BNY Mellon Follows State Street in Backing Soon-to-Launch Crypto Trading Platform

FTX Crypto Exchange Valued at $18B in $900M Funding Round

US Patent Granted to Stablecoin Concept Backed by Government Debt

Viridi Funds Launches ETF Focused on Cleaner Energy Crypto Miners

MakerDAO Moves to Full Decentralization; Maker Foundation to Close in ‘Months’

Georgia to Put Its Wine on the Blockchain

Featured Story: Blockchain or Blockbuster? The Choice | Jerald David