CoinDesk Indices are the industry standard for institutional single- and multi-asset benchmarks for crypto assets. The flagship CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (XBX) has been in operation continuously since 2014. Financial institutions rely on the XBX and other CoinDesk Indices products to benchmark billions of dollars in assets under management and to price hundreds of millions in over-the-counter transactions, daily. We are adding to the list below, developing new indices for some of the largest institutions active in the crypto market. To find out more, get in touch with our sales team.

Digital Asset Classification Standard (DACS)

The Digital Asset Classification Standard (DACS) was developed by CoinDesk Indices to provide a reliable, comprehensive, and standardized classification system for digital assets. Currently, the DACS includes the top 500 digital assets by market capitalization and the DACS structure offers 3 levels of granularity across 6 Sectors, 21 Industry Groups and 35 Industries. Click here to learn more.

Computing Currency DeFi Entertainment Smart Contract Platform Digitization IoT Oracle Private Computing Shared Network Shared Storage BaaS Private Transparent Asset Management Credit Platform DAO Derivatives Exchanges Insurance Yield Art Media Metaverse Multi-Chain / Parachain Single Chain Digitization IoT Oracle Private Computing Shared Network Shared Storage BaaS (Other) Payments Supply Chain / Commerce Private Transparent (Other) Transparent CeFi Currency Transparent DeFi Currency Asset Management Credit Platform (Other) Lending / Borrowing Active DAO DAO (Other) DAO Builder Derivatives AMM Atomic Swaps DEX Exchanges (Other) Insurance Yield Art Broadcast Social Media (Other) Gaming VR Real Estate Metaverse (Other) Multi-Chain / Parachain Single Chain Digitization

Single-asset price indices

Multi-asset indices

* These indices are products for financial institutions, and are separate from the prices that CoinDesk publishes on