With the price of bitcoin pulling back sharply and U.S. legislators again advocating for blockchain, CoinDesk’s Markets Daily is back for your latest crypto news roundup!

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Today’s stories:

Bitcoin Risks Deeper Price Pullback as Exchange Inflows Spike

Wednesday saw a flurry of deposits onto exchanges, indicating some investors are trying to offload their bitcoin. That could further propel prices downwards.

Robinhood May Face $10M SEC Fine Over Disclosure Failures

Robinhood is reportedly under investigation by the SEC for not fully disclosing that it was passing customer orders onto market makers.

Lawmakers Ask Trump to Use Blockchain in COVID Relief

Lawmakers are urging President Trump to consider blockchain solutions in the fight against COVID-19.

Swiss Canton Zug to Accept Taxes in Bitcoin, Ether From Next Year

Citizens and companies in Zug will be able to pay up to $109,000 of their tax bill in either bitcoin or ether from February next year.