With traditional finance and crypto traders both enjoying market madness, CoinDesk’s Markets Daily is back for your latest crypto news roundup!

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Today’s stories:

CME Rises in Bitcoin Futures Rankings as Institutional Interest Grows

Institutional exchange CME has become the third-largest bitcoin futures exchange by number of open contracts.

As Wall Street Goes Topsy-Turvy, Crypto Traders Are Bullish as Ever

Crypto traders are enjoying their own version of the market’s madness, from bitcoin’s bull run to the collapse of YAM to Dave Portnoy.

Singapore’s Central Bank Backs New Code of Practice for Crypto Companies

The guidance is aimed at assisting regulatory compliance and enhance crypto industry conduct under the city-state’s payment laws.

Belarus Is Back Online, With Lessons About Censorship Resistance

What do you do if your country unplugs the internet? Satellite and mesh networks are possible future solutions, but they have technical and political limitations.

China to Launch Major Expansion of Digital Currency Trials

China is said to be planning additional testing of its digital yuan across a number of developed regions including Hong Kong.