Dec 13, 2023

Tiago Sada, head of product at Tools for Humanity, the company behind Worldcoin, joins "First Mover" with insights on the World ID 2.0 protocol update that includes integrations with tech firms and a new verification system for a "digital passport."

Video transcript

World ID 2.0 is a huge update. We've been working on it for a while. Uh Some of that was actually already laid out in the original white paper and other things were just feedback that we got from the community uh both for users and developers. World ID 1.0 So there's three main things that are coming and we can dive into each of those. First of all, we're introducing the context, the concept of World ID apps, which is just a much easier way to integrate World Id to your favorite apps. So for example, there's a new World ID app for Reddit for Shopify, for Minecraft, for Telegram. So you can use your World Id to prove your person who on a bunch of services like that. Number two is we're introducing a concept of levels. And so now there is three different levels of verification that you can have on a World ID and that just enables a wider range of applications for developers. So for apps that want a more casual approach, they can now take lower levels of verification and for apps that need even more security than World I 1.0 offered. Uh they're also able to do that with the new orb plus um level. And then lastly there's a whole suite of very important upgrades to the core protocol that make it even more private, even more open, even more self sovereign than world lady. 1.0 and so this is a pretty big upgrade. Um We're really excited to roll it out um and it will continue to build on all the momentum that world lady 1.0 has had so far.

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