Sep 29, 2023

Judge Lewis Kaplan's ruling on Thursday denied the third attempt from Sam Bankman-Fried's defense team to have the FTX founder released during the trial into custody.

Video transcript

The federal judge overseeing his case denied the third attempt by his defense team to have him released, uh, during the trial, uh, into custody. Um, you know, in this argument, the defense team, you know, said that be MRI would agree to a number of pretty serious restrictions, having a guard at all times or being in, you know, custody of his attorneys, uh, being banned from any kind of electronic device, a gag order from speaking to, you know, anyone by his family and select others. Um, the judge was not compelled by the arguments. He said that, you know, the arguments that the defense made more or less, uh, you know, were the same as what they've made previously. Um, in response to the defense's argument that they needed better access to banquet free for the trial. He said that on days that there's certain witness testimony that they have to prepare for or respond to, uh, Beman feed will be produced to the courthouse early. And the attorneys, uh, he's working with can talk to him before the trial begins that day.

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