May 1, 2024

Casa co-founder and Chief Security Officer Jameson Lopp answers five rapid-fire questions from CoinDesk, including which aspect of Bitcoin development excites him, his crypto genesis story, and what book he would recommend for beginners learning about Bitcoin.

Video transcript

What's the most exciting development happening with Bitcoin right now, all of the discussion going around layer two networks and both building them and thinking about how to make it easier to build them. What do you not like about the Bitcoin narrative? Right now, there are certain aggressive agitators in the ecosystem that I'm not a fan of. How did you get into Bitcoin? A long time ago, I was reading nerdy news sites like slash dot And this Bitcoin thing kept coming up and one day I decided to find, I read the white paper and that blew my mind and started my journey down the rabbit hole. If you could sit one person down and teach them about crypto, they can be dead or alive. Who would it be? It would probably be one of the forefathers of the movement, you know, perhaps an Austrian economist, you know, someone like Friedrich Hayek who in some ways predicted that Bitcoin would eventually be created one day. And what's the best book for beginners about Bitcoin? I would definitely point them to the little Bitcoin book

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