May 13, 2024

"CoinDesk Daily" host Jennifer Sanasie shares a preview on the exciting lineup of guests who will be speaking at Consensus 2024, including presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Franklin Templeton CEO and President Jenny Johnson and Casey Rodarmor, the bitcoin developer who created ordinals, inscriptions and the Runes protocol.

Video transcript

A presidential candidate, a trad by executive and a Bitcoin developer walk into a bar. Where are you probably Consensus 2024. You're watching Coin Desk daily. I'm your host, Jen Sasi. Now, Consensus 2024 is right around the corner. And on this special edition of Coin desk daily, we take a look at three speakers that will be in Austin, Texas for the 10th anniversary of consensus pro crypto presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy junior will be taking the stage to explain his support for crypto and self custody. Kennedy is polling well behind the presumptive Republican and Democratic candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden respectively and is running as an independent after not making headway in the democratic primary. Recently, during a rally in Michigan, the candidate said, quote, I'm going to put the entire us budget on the Blockchain so that any American, every American can look at every budget item in the entire budget anytime they want 24 hours a day. And quote, Kennedy is a member of a famously Democratic family. His uncle John F. Kennedy served as US president in the 19 sixties. President and Chief executive Officer of Franklin Templeton Jenny Johnson will sit down for a fireside chat about her fintech forward approach. The nearly 80 year old asset manager hasn't only been fintech forward but also crypto forward. The firm is one of 11 asset managers to issue spot Bitcoin ETF S in the United States and has a pending spot either ETF application with the SEC, the global investment firm recently enabled peer to peer transfers for its on chain Us Government Money Fund represented by the Benji Token on polygon and Stellar and Casey Roer. More. The Bitcoin developer who created ordinals inscriptions and runs will be in attendance to weigh in on everything. Bitcoin. His latest development runs protocol went live in April at the Bitcoin. Having the protocol allows users to spin up tokens on top of Bitcoin like those commonly seen on other blog chains like Ethereum and Solana. His creations have stretched the boundaries of what has previously been considered acceptable in Bitcoin culture. That's a wrap for this special edition of coin desk daily. Get your consensus tickets at consensus 2020 and we'll see you next time.

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