Sep 25, 2023

Proof of Stake Alliance executive director Alison Mangiero breaks down the increasing attention being paid to staking over the past year.

Video transcript

We've seen a lot more attention being paid to sta staking over the past year. Um Fortunately or unfortunately, a lot of that has come out of the agencies, right. So I think many people started paying attention to staking um earlier this year when we saw the cracking settlement and sec with then the enforcement actions against coin base and finance. So we're seeing some of the agencies more focused on staking. Also, there have been some positive uh movements in the market structural legislation. For example, we saw that validators and those who were involved in validating transactions on proof of stake network staking as a service providers were viewed as offering ancillary services, which is how we would characterize them. So we're seeing bits and pieces but much more attention being paid to staking and staking as service providers um this year than, than in previous years.

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