Aug 9, 2023

Bernstein analysts said in a research report that the stablecoin market is expected to grow from $125 billion to $2.8 trillion of tokenized digital currency in the next five years.

Video transcript

A new report from Bernstein predicts that the staple coin market could grow to nearly $3 trillion in the next five years. It currently stands at about 125 billion today. Analysts expect major financial and consumer platforms to you co branded stable coins to quote power value exchange on their platforms. Lawrence, you were asking our guests about exactly this yesterday, more stable coins being launched by big tech and financial players. What do you make of this uh report? Uh you know, it's a trying to predict crypto in five years. Anything in crypto in five years is pretty, pretty, uh I mean, look five years ago, where were we? 2018, middle of crypto Winter Post Post uh that 1st $20,000 bubble and uh we, we honestly wouldn't have guessed we were here. I I I'm not even sure I would say this is higher or lower than what, what some of the more enthusiastic people would have said. I think Tom Lee probably had, he had Bitcoin at $25,000 so he didn't really explain why. Um II I don't know exactly. I, I think that $3 trillion mark. I mean, look, you, you have a lot of competition and then also how are you gonna define crypto? Is it gonna be CBD C? Is it stable coins here they're talking about? But what will stable coins look like? Right. You know, there was that the rise of the algorithmic stable coins no one saw coming in the fall, the algorithmic stable coins that everyone saw coming but no one wanted to say it, you know, and they started getting tattoos of that. But I, I think it's uh one of those things where, you know, you could pull a number out of the air. I'm, I'm trying to be polite because we have uh Professor Masset coming up and I don't want him to hear him to hear me use foul language, but he could pull a number out of the air. Um And just say, yeah, that's why I see it in five years. And, you know, in crypto, that's a long time from now. I'm, I'm kind of with you Lawrence. I feel like a lot of these predictions that we see in, in these reports. Um are, it's, it's interesting when you, when you see the data or a lack of data behind some, some of these predictions, it could really go anywhere. And I think history has told us that Emily, what do you think? I just think it depends a lot on what happens with stable coin regulation and that's what our next guest can talk to us about because we're seeing various countries that are way ahead of the United States in terms of stable coin regulation like Europe or Japan. And you know, I think the stable coin market will in some, some degree depend on, you know, how, how countries regulate it.

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