Aug 17, 2023

Shiba Inu tokens have slumped in the past 24 hours, as users report bridging issues after the much-hyped Shibarium network went live late on Wednesday.

Video transcript

Yesterday evening. She, but you know, tokens are slumping as users report bridging issues after the much hyped Shiba network went live on Wednesday. Joining us. Now to discuss is Ship Metaverse advisor Marcy Jas. Welcome to the show. Marcy. Hi Jen, how are you? Great. Congratulations on the launch yesterday. Yes. Quite the excitement. All right, let's just start at the beginning here, very briefly. Tell us what Shiba is and what you intend to um achieve as the project moves forward. Well, Jen, as we talked about, um you know, Shiba is an L two. It um is scalable flexible faster than the speed of light. Um and our managers will actually be building on top of it. So what do you, what do you do as the Sheri uh metaverse advisor? Like who do you sit down with you? Like we like, you're advi you're advising somebody, right? So somebody's either calling you emailing you or something like what do you do? You're like, ok, you're a dog. Now, let me tell you what I think you should do as a dog. Like what happens there? Are you talking, are you talking to a Sheba Inu um I wouldn't, I don't know. So, I know I'm actually talking to a person, several people. Not a, not a panel, huh? Not a kennel. No, no, no. I mean, I, I think that you have to understand that, you know, there are some very strong people behind this project and, um, the project makes sense because of how large our community is. And, you know, we sit here behind these two D walls and our s as we called last night, wanna be together in a 3d environment and be able to interact. So building a metaverse for this community is actually exactly the smart thing to do. Um being a person who's been world building for a while now I find the the name metaverse. So um insane when nine times out of 10, there's nothing to build around it. So for us, the ship army being as strong as it is makes building a metaphors a perfect place for them to interact. But like, what do you actually do? Like? So as an advisor, what do you like? I'm curious how, how so essentially um because of my background in content creation, understanding of new content workflows like game engine, um We bring on the team to build the world and um lay out the technology and how people will um Mont or, or interact inside the metaverse. You know, you brought up your but you brought up your background in content production. I know that you have a whole career in Hollywood before you joined this industry. Can we expect any big Hollywood partnerships coming up? You know, similar to what we saw with the board A P A club and their metaverse? Yeah, I mean, of course, we're gonna go after every there is on earth. Can you tell us about any of them? Of course not. Did you get a Netflix deal? Is there a Netflix deal involved? Netflix seems to sign a lot of people so well sign a lot of people as in partnerships. You could, you could, you could like, make a show that, you know, they like, yeah, we'll give you like, honestly, I mean, could you imagine telling the story of ship and the experiment that went out? I mean, there's many different things you can do. So, yes, there will be a movie theater in the Metaverse. There will be screens all over the Metaverse. We'll have constant IP game me. You name it major programming, think of a metaverse as if it's a cable show or a cable channel where you have multiple hours of programming. God help us. What um what, what don't you like about that? Uh There's a lot of interesting things going on on TV. Not so interesting things. II, I don't know if you've, I think the Hollywood, well, I have, I have some strong opinion this strike. You think about this right now, there's a writers' strike and there's an actor strike. So there's a stoppage, Los Angeles alone is experiencing not just in the industry itself of Hollywood, but the surrounding industries. So you've got to find ways to be able to build this content. And right now there's a lot of user generated content that is actually more hours of youtube are being watched than traditional television or even streaming. So I think that you have to understand that people need to consume content in different ways and in different places and a metaverse with millions of eyeballs certainly makes sense. Mhm. Now Marcy, I got to ask you about um the pause in the network that I mentioned in the intro. So Blockchain data shows that transactions on the network were stalled for at least five hours. Uh earlier. Coy just tried to verify the issue and was unable to bridge tokens to Sheri m uh what does this uh what does the I guess stop and start launch mean for the project? What's been happening internally to kind of fix and move forward? Sure. So um you know, technology is tough and when you have millions and millions of people um running into 11 server or one time or one browser at one time, things are gonna happen. And um I've had that happen several times when I've worked on content or any sort of technology projects. But I think we learned, right? So I think we learned from the situation, we, we do things differently perhaps and we find the right ways to make sure that that never happens again. And then lastly, you know, Shiba is now open for development. It is a layer two like some other layer twos we've seen launched uh recently. How are you thinking about being competitive and attracting developers to come and build on this layer two versus let's say base that launched um recently? Well, you know, again, our community, our community is huge and um there's nothing like having the ship army behind you doing anything. So I would just say all developers if you know, you have a great project and you wanna um be a part of the army, please join. It's great. All right, Marcy, we are going to leave it there. Thank you so much for joining the show this morning. Thank you. Take care guys, take it. That was Ship Metaverse advisor Marcy Jas.

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