Dec 28, 2023

CoinDesk's Most Influential 2023 recognizes the people, who, for better or worse, defined the year in digital assets and Web3.

Video transcript

These are five people who for better or for worse helped to define digital assets and web three in 2023. If you're watching Coin Desk daily, I'm your host, Jen Sani for this year's most influential coin desk compiled 10 top honorees who made an outsized impact and 40 more people who were only a little less influential today. We'll take a look at five of the names from our top 10 list, which is not a ranking. Gary Gensler is the chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is an independent Federal markets regulatory agency tasked with protecting American investors and enforcing guardrails over us capital markets. The SEC has sued multiple crypto firms this year including Kraken Coinbase and Finance. Jenny Johnson is the CEO of Franklin Templeton, which is one of the world's largest investment managers. Franklin Templeton has joined other finance heavyweights like Blackrock and Fidelity in applying to list the spot. Bitcoin ETF in the United States. It offers a money market fund that processes transactions and tracks ownership on public blockchains. It also lets clients buy crypto Lido Dow, not a person but a Dow has seen user deposits climb since its launch in December 2020 to date. The value of deposits on Lido surpasses $9 billion after Ethereum switched from proof of work to proof of stake. Users could stake 32 either by depositing it into an address on the Blockchain to earn interest for helping to validate the up and coming version of the Ethereum chain. High upfront costs though and technical complexity made it difficult for many lito offered a solution that allowed anyone to hand any sum of e to the protocol who would then pull the funds and engage a third party to handle the technical nitty gritty. Casey. Rodeo is a longtime Bitcoin who has made actual code commits to Bitcoin core and unveiled what he calls ordinals theory. Ordinals are often referred to as NFTS on Bitcoin. But Rodeo told Coindesk earlier this year, he prefers the term digital artifacts. His ordinals theory allows data inscription on Bitcoin which has generated some backlash from Bitcoin who said it could ruin the network. And Ryan Ss is the CEO and founder of Massari, a provider of crypto market intelligence products. He spent the last two years building a political fundraising machine for the industry that's gearing up to sway elections in 2024 SKs recently handed off this work to fair shake a political action committee with a reported war chest of about $15 million Coinbase. CEO Brian Armstrong said back in October, he personally gave fair shake $1 million and hoped the PAC could raise 50 million more. That's a wrap for this special edition of coin desk daily. Get more updates on and we'll see you next time.

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