Sep 12, 2023

Sam Bankman-Fried's defense team continues to squabble with prosecutors over the Department of Justice's motion to disqualify some proposed witnesses.

Video transcript

Late last month, the two parties, uh both the prosecution and the defense here filed, what are so, you know, known as Dober Motions, um where they basically said, you know, we believe the other sides, you know, witnesses or some of the other side's witnesses should not be allowed to testify because their testimony is going to be irrelevant. They don't have the experience, uh they are trying to, you know, interpret the law rather than explain the law. You know, number of reasons. The prosecution famously tried to push back against all of Sam Beg Mri's proposed witnesses, all seven proposed experts, third party experts who could uh in the defense's words, provide information on uh either the FTX platform and how it operates on the terms of service and how it does work. Uh Things like that. So last night, the defense filed a motion saying, uh you know, we push, we disagree with the Do J's characterization of our witnesses and their relevance to this trial. We believe all of them should be allowed to testify and they gave reasons saying that, you know, for example, some of them are going to be rebuttal witnesses for things that the doj plans to discuss during the trial. Uh Some are, you know, as we mentioned before, going to be more focused on explaining the FTX platform or the terms of service, things like that. And, uh you know, now we're gonna have to wait and see how the judge looks at this and what he believes is an appropriate use of, you know, his time during the trial. Basically.

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