Oct 16, 2023

Tully & Weiss criminal defense attorney Joseph Tully shares his thoughts on Sam Bankman-Fried's defense strategy and explains why he believes things "aren't going too well" for the defense team in this case.

Video transcript

I think it's become apparent that the, what the strategy is and if I were to sum that up in a very kind of catch phrase, it would be SPF is an idiot. That's where they're going. That's what their goal is. Um, but I don't think things are going too well for the defense. In this case, Caroline Ellison had a, uh, you know, she was on the stand last week and it seemed that after several hours that they couldn't quite pin any of the responsibility or most of the responsibility on her seems to, she seems to have deflected a lot of it. Um, is that really the case or do you think that the defense has made any effort has done anything to kind of at least put some of the blame onto her? I think they, they definitely attempted to do that. But all the pundits that are covering this and all the media personnel who have, who have covered this have all kind of characterized the defense as, you know, taking a swing and a yes and that they are trying to do, they are trying to build a defense. But number one, they're getting shut down by the judge on a lot of key important things. And number two is they're getting shut down by the witnesses. So I think they were attempting to, you know, build the defense of, you know, the SPF is an idiot defense. I think the one thing that they successfully did through Ellison was to establish that SPF was absent a lot that he was kind of an absentee guy. But I don't think that that will matter to the jury. I think that will matter, matter to the jury is that when he was there, what did he do? The funds that went from FTX to Alameda who directed that? And all the testimony is now that it's on, it's right at the hands of, of FSBF who was doing that.

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