Nov 10, 2023

Charli Cohen, founder and CEO of RSTLSS, joins "First Mover" to discuss collaborating with Paris Hilton's company 11:11 Media on a Web3 collection called MareBears, which brings tiny creatures to the blockchain and aims to attract emerging artists into the NFT space.

Video transcript

Paris Hilton's latest web three collection, Mayor Bears is a collaboration that brings tiny creatures to the Blockchain. The project hopes to attract emerging artists to the NFT Space. Joining us now is one of those collaborators, founder and CEO of Restless Charlie Cohen. Welcome to the show Charlie. Hey, thank you so much for having me. Thanks for being here. OK. We're talking about Mare Bears, these tiny creatures on the Blockchain. Talk to us about the partnership with Paris Hilton's 1111 media. How did this project come out? Sure. So, um like the context, um Restless is a decentralized Blockchain backed tooling for building game ready assets. Um And May Bears was the first IP that we created with Restless. Um and Paris Hilton. Um one of Restless Investors um is one of our initial collaborators in the project. Um The real purpose of me, other than providing these interactive digital pets that live on the Blockchain is around compos and customization. Um So it will ultimately make it easy for creators, especially creators newer to the web through space and to 3d creation um to learn how to build, create um monetize and be able to build out their careers within the web three space. Ok. So, uh these, they, they, they look very cute. I'm just looking at the video like cute little things. Um How do, what exactly happens? You, you, you, you dress them up first of all, like what, what do you get, what do you do you buy the accessories? Uh How does this, how does this all work? And then what do you do with them? So initially, um you blind mint your ma and you'll get allocated a variety of traits, some of which will be Paris traits. We have other collaborators such as sh I brently. So there are various traits that you will get initially allocated. Um The bears use both the 6551 and 6059 token standards. Um So that's backpack tokens and nestle tokens. So you're able to separate out all of the individual traits. Um So you can then sell and trade with other owners of me Bears and you can also create or buy new accessories over time um that you can swap in and out uh with traits. So if you are a collector of a certain artist or brand or IP, um you might choose to uh over time collect a full set of those traits for your bear. Um or, you know, you might be working to a certain aesthetic or just a certain value in terms of collectibility and rarity. Um So it's uh designed to be so very flexible um and playful and fun. And I'm buying, I'm buying this. How am I buying this? How much is it costing me to, to initially buy it? Um So the initial mint is 0.077 East. Um And then, um do you can you get your initial set of traits within that? Um And then over time, um artists will independently be able to drop traits that are compatible with me may be set their own price. Um And we manage the, the marketplace and the residual royalties to artists for that. One of the goals of the project I mentioned in the intro here is to attract new creators to, to web three. I think I read that the project really wants this to maybe be the first NFT that some creators mint and interact with. How are you finding it attracting new folks to the NFT space right now? Is it difficult or easy? So, right now, um you know, this has definitely been one of the more challenging years um given um given what, you know, how mainstream media um perceived and communicated um crypto and web three. So that's, you know, there's difficulty um maybe for a, a more mainstream creator um to differentiate what's happening between um defi um sort of web three metaverse decentralization. It's all kind of uh still all gets bundled into this kind of singular thing that, you know, in the media has still been um very led by uh last year's um series of events. So it is more challenging. Um I think that, you know, one of the things that we've been um cognizant of um and that has been starting to work um especially within the gaming space um is just abstracting away from some of the jargon. Um And really focusing on the, the benefits um to creators, um you know, in terms of their autonomy, being able to manage their royalties, being able to manage their IP being able to um use Blockchain to collaborate with other potentially better known artists and brands. Um And all of those um collaborations to be managed by smart contract um and also uh focusing on ownership of assets as well. Um You know, have a whole generation of creators coming up who already really understand um the value and importance of digital identity. Um You know, they're used to socializing in 3d spaces through open world games. Um You know, even if they haven't engaged with Blockchain yet. Um So it's not an unfamiliar concept to them. Um This idea that a digital identity and buying um digital assets for themselves is as valuable as physical identity and physical assets. Um But there's definitely an education piece as to what Blockchain actually is and how it is providing them um with uh you know, a, a great way to build out their careers. All right, and very quickly before we wrap, we do got to go, you mentioned a partnership with the Shiba ecosystem, why that one and not others also appealing to you. Um So we're interoperable across different sort of open metaverse as well as traditional games. Um We have uh we're working on this specific partnership with s um we share so many values around, you know, we really want to build infrastructure that gives people as much autonomy as possible. Um So we're both very aligned in that vision. Um The idea of collaboration across um web three companies, web three infrastructure defy to build out this digital network state that people can participate in. Um So the, the ethos is very aligned. Um And uh it's, yeah, we're very excited to be developing that partnership um in a significant way over the next year, Charlie, thanks so much for joining the show and introducing us to the project. Thanks so much for having me that was founder and CEO of Restless Charlie Coet.

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