Aug 16, 2023

Argentina is grappling with high inflation and a surprise primary election win.

Video transcript

Um it's, it's very auspicious. Um I think like he um right, right now, a monthly inflation is 20% is sorry, like on Monday, there was a 23% devaluation in just one day and the inflation uh for a is gonna be estimated on 10% month, over month uh which is, is like it is very rapid inflation. We, we are getting into the uh territory of a hyper inflation. So even there is people that think that they might like the government may, the current government um may not last until the end of the their mandate and that there will be a, a much shorter transition. Um In that, in that sense, I I um while he is open to, to Bitcoin and, and Liberty and to have uh um um private money uh has, has as he describes and um Bitcoin um he believes that um Argentinians, we, we have not have a good track record on having a central bank and maintaining the the peg of uh maintaining the value of uh of uh um a local currency. So he proposes to destroy the central bank actually uh would like to bomb it or set it on fire and it has many, many public opinion is destroying, um, do resemble the central bank.

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