Aug 11, 2023

On a recent episode of the "Joe Rogan Experience," host Joe Rogan and rapper Post Malone discuss their concerns over the prospect of a digital dollar, with the two agreeing that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) would be a "checkmate" situation.

Video transcript

This is an interesting little crossover hit CBD CS entering even further into the mainstream conversation. And for not a lot of good ways, the CBD C is indeed the new government boogeyman prying on what you do in your wallet. And we saw that discussed on an episode of Joe Rogan with rapper singer star Post Malone. Let's hear the clip and then let's talk about it. Play the clip. So how do you feel about the government's um digital currency that there were no way, no way. That's, I think that's Checkmate, that's game over. That is because if they apply that to a social credit score, if they decide somehow or another that you need some social credit score system, it's for the benefit of society and they outline that they can, you know, track your behavior and your tweets and all your things, you get a, a score and that they, they just haven't released the report cards. They haven't, they haven't, they didn't send the report cards home to the parents yet. We don't smoke enough on this show. First of all, second of all will question you, Checkmate game over or not. CBD CS they're certainly becoming a political issue. What do you think? I got a question for you? Are they like on the mid curve here or are they on one side or the other? Because you are a fan of CBD CS? Because you wanna make taxes easier, quote unquote and you say like you're straight in the mid curve lane. So, like, change your opinion after watching this clip or are you sticking with it? I mean, my take is very much the mid wit take but you know what my take is gonna be a fringe take if there's more podcasts like this and then the mid wit take is gonna be the government is looking at your wallet like this is gonna become like the mainstream view of CBD CS soon. So I'm gonna be on the, on the, on the edges of the bell curve with my hood on saying CBD C is good. OK. OK. Was not ready for that one. Uh No, it makes sense for most people. I agree with you on that part like this, this can be take for most people. Everyone doesn't like CBD CS. Most people especially in the United States have some sort of like underlying mistrust of the government regardless of where you are on the political spectrum. Like there's something you don't trust the government with and it's very easy to look at like what's happening in China and they have a social credit score system and they've also, uh, rolled out their own digital CBD C which does include the ability to delete money from people's wallets directly if they don't use it in time. Not that far to like, start jumping over these hurdles or looking at it as of now, what we know from the Federal Reserve and other more westernized countries are looking at this and be like, hey, we're not going to roll that out. Yeah, the eu went as far to say that privacy was a huge concern for them when rolling out A CBD C. So Zach, maybe you will be like on the fringe can't be the sense here. But I don't, I don't know, there's, there's some mistrust in the air, Jen. I mean, I, I just wanna, I wanna go in on that point real quick because I, I think like institutional mistrust, right? That's what this is. Uh this is, this is, that's, this is an example of that, right? And institutional distrust, distrust of the government is American as Apple pie. And I think this is gonna be the consensus critique because it doesn't take a lot to like know the story already like, oh the government is rolling out a digital dollar that has more surveillance capacity than paper dollars. Therefore government bad CBD C bad. Like I feel that's gonna be, that's gonna be the mainstream thing before you know it. And it's gonna be really interesting to see if I don't know like the Christian Carlos of the world who've been advocating for digital dollars for a while now can make the case in the face of those headwinds. It's gonna be tough. It's gonna be tough down here in America. I don't know, Jen. What do you think? I think the government can already freeze your assets if they really wanted to. And we saw them do that in Canada when we had the trucker protest, they enacted the Emergency Act and there were now sanctions issued for people who are participating in these protests. They didn't have any access to their funds. I know this conversation is a little bit more nuanced because we're talking about programmable money and possibly, you know, limiting um how you can spend your money and where you can spend it, et cetera, et cetera. What I would have loved to hear in the podcast. First of all, love Post Malone. So like no, no Squam there not trying to pick a beef here on the internet with Post Malone, but they didn't mention anything about Bitcoin or any other crypto which offer a solution and is an alternative. So it's not all doom and gloom. I think the governments are going to go ahead with CBD C si. Don't think there's anything that we are going to be able to do to stop them, but there are alternatives out there and that's the part of the conversation that I would love to hear more in the mainstream media as CBD CS become a talking point ahead of the 2024 election and more mainstream as we saw on Joe Rogan's podcast. Zach. Yeah, it's just scary. I mean, there is a very scary world in which CBD CS go, uh, go unchecked, right? The privacy protections aren't baked in the trust in the institution. Hey, hey, hey, hey, can, you can't just wish she was, she, you gotta at least for an episode. Pick a side. Right. Well, Post Malone said it. So I got, I'm wavering now. I don't know what to think anymore.

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