Oct 18, 2023

As part of CoinDesk's State of Crypto Week presented by Chainalysis, St. John’s University law professor Anthony M. Sabino weighs in on how crypto regulation could change as Sam Bankman-Fried's criminal trial continues.

Video transcript

I'm quite surprised at the lack of more melodrama here, for example, with respect to Caroline Ellison, um the cross examination based upon the fine reporting from you and your colleagues, Emily uh indicated that the defense was rather mild with her. I had fully anticipated that they would attack her for the reason of, among other things, her personal relationship with Samuel Beckman fried. The fact that again, because of that uh ending of the relationship, she might be out for revenge. But moreover, the fact that she was, as I recall, uh the CO CEO for a period of time at FTX. So therefore, I would have anticipated the defense would try to basically try to shift more of the blame to her and to basically say in, in, in conjunction with that. Well, really, aren't you the person at fault? So you're trying to blame SBF uh I think the fact that as you reported, uh she demonstrated genuine emotion on the stand uh under the prosecution's questioning uh is something that I'm sure the jury took cognizance of and the fact that the defense did not try to sort of return to that area and tried to basically, uh uh invoke a more emotional response from her, uh, basically defending her position, her, her own actions. I found that a little bit surprising.

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