Jan 18, 2024

The Sandbox co-founder and COO Sebastien Borget takes five questions from CoinDesk ranging from his Oscar predictions to developments in the metaverse.

Video transcript

Sebastian, what is the biggest misconception that people have about the metaverse? They still think like metaverse requires like the Atra set. No, you can access it from any device, web desktop PC Mac or even mobile. Who do you think is going to win the Oscar for best picture this year? Something tells me it would be Barbie and then why I like it is because there's, it's almost like a meta Earth by itself. It's a character from the story world that comes to life into the physical world and comes back into it. So it's very imaginative, very creative. I hope it wins. I like that. What do you think it's gonna take for web three games to catch on? So there's three essential things that I believe like web free games need. One is like more fun gameplay and overall quality experiences that bring players back and back over. Second is easier on boarding uh like not necessarily requiring a wallet from the beginning, not required to purchase an FT to start playing, but over time offering the benefit of digital ownership when it makes sense for the users. And the third is like, it's really in web free because it's so community driven, like the network effect is much more stronger. We've seen that before. So all we need is one game to succeed. So it will create ripple effect for the whole industry and web free gaming to like grow massively again. OK. This is a tough one in one word. Why is India so appealing to the sandbox? I love Indian culture, Indian foods, that was not one word. OK. Culture and food, culture, and food. 23 words. All right. What can you do in a digital world? That is better than the physical world? Oh, you can dance. You can make new friends and it doesn't matter where you're born. What's your statues or what you look like? So you have really that chance to be truly who you are and nobody will judge you for that.

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