Dec 29, 2023

After crypto lender Celsius declared bankruptcy, its founder and former chief executive officer, Alex Mashinsky was arrested on allegations of misleading investors and manipulating its native token, CEL.

Video transcript

Talk to us about 2024 for Moshinsky. Yeah. So this is gonna be an interesting one. I think it's also probably gonna be the one that's most comparable to Sam Breed's trial. Um You know, the two cases are kind of similar, right? You have a company that filed for bankruptcy and collapsed pretty dramatically. Um Big concern is uh you know, having a customer response and what happened to the users money? Where are those funds? Now? What are people getting back, getting back and the fraud charges against the CEO S of the companies are kind of, uh you know, they're interesting, they're almost secondary to the financial concerns just, you know, from like, uh you know, what are people most concerned about? But we'll see, you know, a if there's any kind of settlement if Miki decides to, you know, change his mind and plead guilty at the last minute, uh or if he decides to go through a trial and if so what are prosecutors going to say? We haven't seen a lot of crypto executives that have prosecuted them quite this way. Same agreed again, the really comparison and also the high profile one. And if there's anything like that, then, you know, the DOJ is going to just point to the fact that the ones are gone and say, ok, well, you know, here's the key piece of evidence that there was fraud. Uh, all you have to do is tie to it somehow you have to, you know, verify those allies.

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