Aug 17, 2023

Donald Trump owns much more in cryptocurrency than was first publicly known, fresh disclosures show.

Video transcript

Donald Trump owns much more crypto than was first publicly known. According to fresh disclosures, the former president held $2.8 million in a crypto wallet as of early August. According to official documents, an accountability watchdog organization received on Monday, Argo Intelligence said it found what appears to be Trump's crypto wallet noting it appears that he holds minor amounts and wrapped e mad and US DC and of course, the majority in Ether there, Lawrence, when you see former president Trump's holdings here on the screen, it is of course, much more than was originally reported. I think it was about uh half a million dollars we learned a few days ago. What do you, what do you think? A couple of surprises here? I well, and then some that aren't, you know, he wasn't a fan of Bitcoin. Uh So, you know, the big wealth here is Eve so no surprise that there's no Bitcoin here. So he's not a Bitcoin Maxi. He's an Eve Maxie apparently. Uh I was also surprised there was no XRP because uh there were a lot of people in the administration who were very pro Xrp uh particularly in the Treasury Department, which people don't realize if you ever go through the, the roster of Trump employees and Trump administration, uh Treasury employees and match it against, uh, some of, you know, people who worked or, or subsequently worked at, at ripple. Um, and it's pretty, uh, you know, or, or pro ripple people, you know, you would have that overlap. Um, yeah, so you, you have that, uh, you know, very, very based. Uh I think it's interesting. It, it, I, I guess it, he had, you know, he had those nfts that he sold and um maybe decide to hoddle, he decided to hoddle and, and, you know, maybe it'll work out for me. The, the, the guy's on trial, like every podunk, uh D A is going to, uh put, put him, put him up on charges. So maybe he just like hoddle on the e hopes it goes up and, you know, he just pays defense lawyers and Heath. I think that's a great plan. I know you mentioned his comments on Bitcoin. I think those came in 2019 and 2020. And then of course we had the NFT boom in 2021. So maybe he's changed his tune a little bit towards crypto, but he has, he definitely has. I think the evidence is there. I mean, you know, considering, considering Ronda Santi is pro Bitcoin, I mean, this, this makes sense and now we're gonna have the, the, the maga lines drawn here. It's like if you're maga, you're pro Ethan and if you're not maga you're, you're pro Bitcoin or something. I don't know. That'd be, that'd be interesting to see. I, I'd like to see that in the debate. You know, Trump doesn't necessarily want to do the debate but I'd like to see them debate, you know, sit, sit there and, like, argue and, you know, like, oh, you know, Trump's starting to bring quoting, uh, photo. That'd be interesting.

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