Dec 15, 2023

CoinDesk's "First Mover" hosts have been reporting on the biggest stories in the digital assets space for over two-and-a-half years and the show will be changing at the beginning of the new year.

Video transcript

Coin Desk T V's flagship show. First mover mover has some changes coming for the last three years. We've covered the digital asset space and dug deep on the stories impacting retail investors, institutional investors, builders, and the crypto curious Christine Lee Lawrence Leon and Emily Parker joined you every morning to bring you the stories shaping our industry. And I was honored to join the team this year to continue bringing you that in depth coverage. Over the years, we've been joined by Coin Desk's outstanding reporters. Hey, I'm wearing the same dress in that photo, outstanding reporters including Nick Day, Danny Nelson and Amato Singh. We are thankful to them and all of the other reporters who joined and contributed to our storytelling. We've been through it all from breaking down and analyzing business dealings, market movements and regulatory developments, shaping the future of the crypto sector to covering the downfall of some of cryptos biggest figureheads and like the fast moving industry, we report on some big changes are coming to Coin Desk TV. Starting today. The first mover show as you know, it will be revamped in the new year. So as I mentioned at the beginning of this. This is the last live show of 2023. We will definitely be back in January. We're just going to look a little bit different, so stick with us. And if you have any feedback comments, things you'd like to see, find me on Twitter and we can chat about how to make the show the best experience for our audience. Stay tuned to see what we're doing in 2024. In the meantime, we will still have video content on So we're not going away completely. You just won't see us here at 9 a.m. Eastern time every morning. We are excited about what's to come. Um But sad to see some of our colleagues go. So thank you to Joanne Poe Jordan, Mura Julian Lapi, Joe Dado, Lance counts Nicole Gibson, Siana and Dylan Maan for everything you've done here behind the scenes there. We just saw everyone, what an incredible team has worked on the show over the past three years. The show would not be what it was without the relentless drive and hard work from everyone that I've just named and who popped up on your screen screen. There, television is definitely a team sport and everyone we just saw is going to be missed very dearly. And last but certainly not least today, Lawrence, it is your last day Lawrence Leon is leaving for, he's acting like he's surprised, but that's just his comic relief. We're going to miss it so much, Lawrence. You're a phenomenal co-host. Uh This show would not be what it was without you. I can say from the bottom of my heart, your ability to ask the tough questions, dig deep and provide invaluable insight into the crypto markets is going to be something that is so missed on this show. I will personally miss all of your dad jokes. They crack me up every time and sometimes our guests don't get it, but I get it and I laugh even if it's on the outside, it's on the inside. Lawrence. Thank you. Thank you. I, yeah, this is good. This is uh definitely like losing a little bit of family. But uh uh and now I've got to figure out what to do with my five A MS, but I, uh I'm gonna miss all of you. I'm gonna miss all the people on youtube who comment. I, I see Nicole is a, is a, is a frequent commenter. Uh shout out to her and of course everyone else, uh uh everybody you listed and more. Uh Christine Lee who uh held the Canadian chair before you did uh was fantastic as well. And um I, you know, coin desk has been part of my life for four years. Uh It's still part of my family. I still have family that works there, believe it or not. Uh And literally literally literally have family there that it was not, it was not uh I didn't get the referral fee when she got hired, uh because I didn't make that recommendation. So there's no nepotism. Uh But I, um I'm going to miss everybody. I'm gonna miss uh that having fun with the guests. I, I do hope everybody keeps a critical and uh uh uh but open minded view on crypto. I think that's a very important thing uh For anybody who's looking to invest in this space, which has always been my thesis here is that uh I'm not so much a skeptic as I am a bit of a critic, but I think that that's important because if you want to see things get better, you have to do it from a critical point of view. And at the same time, that's where you find the opportunities because if something can withstand criticism, if something proves that it can last, that's a golden opportunity to find value. So I do hope somebody, everybody watching out there who, who uh going forward, they watch these interviews uh and they watch the new interviews that you'll be doing in the coming year. Uh They listen carefully, they do their research and they make the right decisions. I hope that's what's gonna happen. Uh And, and everybody succeeds in going forward. This is an exciting place to be. Coin desco is an exciting place to be at while covering this new industry. And it's uh it, it, it provides a very crucial service to the crypto community and to the financial community as a whole. Uh II, I think Gary Gensler watches this show and a few others. And uh I think that they provide also some uh interesting criticisms and, and people might have some issues with what they have to say. But everybody who works at coin desk has provided their best work. They've given 100 and 10%. They, they, I've never seen such an incredible amount of professionalism, honesty and integrity of in any news organization that I've ever worked that quite like I've seen that coin desk. I'm very proud to have had that for the past four years. Uh at, at that experience and to say that I was a coin desker. I'm wearing the coin desk, uh my coin desk sweatshirt in honor. I'm very proud, I'll always wear it with pride, Lawrence. We are going to miss you so much and we all love you so much and we can't wait to see what you do next. But you mentioned Gary Gensler and I know you're not on X anymore, the platform formerly known as Twitter. And so we're not sure if you saw this great moment. Gary Gensler seems to get your jokes. Let's take a look. We all love Gary Gensler. He's the Taylor swift of regulation. Yeah. Wow, you, yeah. Nothing like little Little Taylor slash Jack Antonoff collaboration with Gary Gensler. I want to see that the collaboration. We're all waiting for. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, I am going out there playing, I, they, they should do a cameo in this one as well. I, yeah, that, it's great. It's great that G as well. II I think it's good because I think, and I've, I've spoken to a lot of people who are in the regulation space and, and uh they, they love the show, they love Nick man. Nick. You are a hero, Nick, You have so many fans out there. I'm gonna, yeah, I am gonna miss, I'm gonna miss Nick, I'm gonna miss Emily. I'm gonna miss Jen. You guys, have you guys? I was about to use a foul word. Fantastic and, and uh amazing and really just spectacular work. Uh Nick, you, you really there is, I don't know how you don't have, uh I don't have, I don't know how you don't have your own like network. This is an incredible amount of work that you do um all day every day and it's not just obsessing over trains either. It's a team effort, you know, and I gotta say if I might, it's been really cool watching this with you three and Christine over the last couple of years. So you wouldn't happen without you. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Really? Now, this was uh you do have an incredible fan base amongst the people who are in the legal community. Uh Emily, it incredible, incredible amounts of intelligence. Really one of the smartest people I've ever met. Uh and uh ju just the amount of uh of stuff that you bring to the table has been uh like shockingly uh uh insightful. And so I, I think the people uh the your readers are, are very well served by everything that you've done and just it. Yeah, so impressive and, and just incredibly. Uh yeah, I just uh iii, I bow to you in your honor and, and, and Jen Jen, I'm glad we're now, we're now almost neighbors. I'm, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it. You, it's so fun, so, so much sunshine every morning in crypto, no matter how bad rates are and no matter how, how bad uh trading has gone, you, you, you brighten up everybody's day and uh, and you do great interviews and, and uh I, I hope you, uh I hope you give him hell for me sometimes Lawrence. I will always give them hell for you. Why don't you do us the honor? Close out the last first mover, the last live first mover, I should say of 2023. So you, you got, you gotta thank all of us and say goodbye, saw you. OK. So, uh thank you to my co-host Jen San Nai and stay tuned to Coin We'll have, we'll still have breaking news updates, charts of the day segments and a closer, I'm sorry, not a closer, a closer look at the state of crypto regulation. So keep watching, literally, just keep watching. That means just take this phone, take it wherever you go, no matter what you're doing. Just keep watching just over and over again. Click, refresh, et cetera. Don't stop no matter what. Um happy, happy New Year everybody and we'll see you uh on the bullish side of everything.

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