Dec 14, 2023

DigiFT CEO Henry Zhang shares insights on the banking industry incorporating new technologies into its operations.

Video transcript

People went to see their traditional finance or traditional banks, sort of a little bit uh kind of a negative which means conservative. But I would say, you know, financial industry, including the banking and capital markets, right? It's always in the, in, in the history and early adopter, one of the early adopters to use new technologies from the past like a telecommunication technology, internet technology, computing technology, blah, blah uh banking industry is always an early adopter and active adopter. So this time coming in so-called uh uh Blockchain based technology, there's no doubt and then be surprised as financial industry will look at it and we use it as one of the pioneers. But since that is well established firms that big they have transactions every day. It is reasonable to take a prudent and uh phrased approach. But that said in the last 12 months, especially last 12 months since we are coming to the end of 2023. Uh in the last 12 months, we do see so called the web. Two established institutions are expediting the the steps to embracing the new technology. Um not only one firm, many firms, not only one product, there will be multiple use cases. So given this trajectory I'm very uh positive and uh I'm pretty positive and comfortable to see next year will be, we will see more adoptions, more institutional so-called engagements. And I also personally also hope this thing can be expedited because this new technology does have unprecedented value equations.

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