Dec 12, 2023

Presidential candidates Vivek Ramaswamy, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) and former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson share their views on digital asset regulation at the first bipartisan crypto presidential candidate forum, organized by the Stand with Crypto Alliance.

Video transcript

Ramos Hoy kind of stuck to his talking points. He believes that most federal rules are unconstitutional. He'd like to overturn a lot of federal agency rule making. Um, obviously, you know, I think at some point we're gonna need a bit more detail on what that looks like and what kind of basis he's using. But he has his talking points that he stuck the Governor Hutchinson. Uh you know, his thing was, he does believe that there is a need for more regulatory clarity, but he also acknowledged that he's not super conversant in crypto and, you know, said near the beginning of his time that I, you know, even the language he was using perhaps is not the same words that the crypto industry would use. But, um, you know, he said his son in law is in crypto, he's eager to learn more about it. But in his view, you know, there's a need for regular, for clarity and, you know, kind of just go from there. All right, Nick, and how much of a role do you think that crypto is going to play in the upcoming election? Honestly, it's very hard to say at this point, crypto was obviously a talking point near the beginning of the election. We saw, you know, obviously, you know, Vivek Ramaswamy, come out talking about crypto. We've seen Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida, you know, talk about his CBD C BILL. Um Whether this becomes an actual issue that people will vote on remains to be seen. You know, obviously, there is uh an effort I would say by some of the crypto industry s crypto group and Coinbase, for example, clearly want people to be voting more on crypto or talking about crypto at least as far as the election is concerned. But there are also, you know, a lot of, I would say higher profile issues that we're really seeing come to the fore um inflation, obviously the biggest one in the economy, but also, you know, issues like abortion uh after, you know, Governor Hutchinson was done, for example, he had this media availability and uh you know, room off to the side. And most of the questions were about what's going on in Texas.

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