Aug 1, 2023

The rug-pulling of short-lived, heavily hyped meme coin bald (BALD) has a whole cast of characters, but is one of them Sam Bankman-Fried?

Video transcript

There is a meme token called bald. And in no way is this financial advise. I'm not telling you to go buy this token for the love of um of crypto of Satoshi. Please, please. This is just um it's a fairy tale, you guys. So apparently bald token rug pole may have been linked to Sam Baman Fried. I want to say that it was also announced yesterday that FTX 2.0 is coming about which um we won't talk about you terribly much. But um bald token was a rug pole which doesn't surprise me at all. If you guys, if you guys hear of a token, that's like a food token or a aesthetic token or just something ridiculous. And it's a meme coin, it's probably gonna rug 99% chance it's gonna rug. So just be careful. But anyways, prices increased about 4 million% from lunch. Blockchain found that the contract that deployed the token may have been related to Alameda research wallets in the past while it made hundreds of transactions in the past with hundreds of millions of dollars on Binance coin based and FTX while it allegedly also had up to 400 transactions with us T Terra Labs, stable coin. And again, this just kind of goes back to, you can track everything on chain and if somebody is doing something naughty, you can catch them unlike what we see in traditional finance. And this is why we see the public servants and the banks getting so mad at crypto is because they don't want their secrets to be found out. Zach. Wow. Wow, nice pivot on that one. Thank you for the update. That was a good, that was a good synopsis of what is indeed a crazy story. I think, you know, people love a good SPF headline but really for the ogs in the room and will let me know, let me know if you picked up on this too. Sam Tribu is the real story here where in the world is Sam Tribu, former Alameda research co CEO. And according to some digging by Igor now Winter Mute, formerly of the lock, a well reputed researcher in the space. It potentially could be, it could be him behind this thing that has captivated a lot of interest. Now this is all alleged, this is all some sleuthing. There is no sort of uh smoking gun that suggests that any one of these guys is involved in this thing. So all that should be stated. But to your bigger point, Wendy, I think it's absolutely spot on, right. The fact that you can do this independent sleuthing by way of blocking analytics, by way of looking through these crazy clues that Blockchain wallets leave across the internet is absolutely fascinating and makes this space so fun to cover. Because this can only happen in crypto, you can only sort of link these things together and suggest uh a story behind how these wallets are interacting by way of the way, by by by virtue of the way that blockchains work. So credit to Igor on which a lot of this reporting appears to be based in the story. Um And it's really fascinating to see again and the ability to track this stuff and make some, some suppositions, make some uh uh an informed guess as to who might be involved behind something that the entire crypto world seems to be talking about and has its arms in the air freaking out about um on the last few days. So, I don't know, I feel like the San Tribu angle I think will you might be able to latch on to that a little bit. I mean, he went over water and now this is sort of the last thing we've heard of him. What do you, what do you think? Yeah. Did he go fast over water? It seems like he's sold fast on chain moving about a lot of funds there. Uh So going to the story that Zach talked about here from Igor in the thread of details, how there are a bunch of different wallets and addresses that point back into Alameda history. Uh touching it in a few different ways. Yes, these walls do touch other exchanges like coin base or Binance. But for the most part, they share a lot of similarities with Alameda research and some associated with FTX. These funds going back to 2019 and 2020. Uh definitely touch a lot of different protocols launching including like set protocol. Uh These are just on chain details that we can look at and be like, OK, maybe we know about who this person is, especially when you pair it with some other information such as OTC trades that were known at the time or Twitter posts that were also known at the time. So go definitely go check out that thread by e because it makes it pretty convincing that this could be Sam Buco, the, the former uh President Ceo of Alameda Research or Co CEO of Alameda Research who stepped down mere months before the implosion of both those firms. Uh to my knowledge, they are not looking for Sam Tribu at this point uh the the authorities, but there is something there. The last thought I wanna go back to Sam Bakeman thing before we get back to Zach. And that's did SPF have involvement with this. Likely not because he's again in his parents' basement with a nokia doesn't really have the ability to trade on chain uh with any of the tech he's been granted. Uh he has a list of websites that he's able to interact with and that's about it. So it would be very difficult for him to interact with anything on chain, right? They're not allowing him to have access to these things. Uh But it could be that a former Alameda research partner, former Alameda research employee could be doing this. Uh We just don't quite know at the moment but some great details on chain Zach. It definitely kind of reeks of too good to be true, especially with the SPF angle here. So credit to the slew thing, but it's all innocent until proven guilty. And I'm gonna reserve judgment because if this man, if this, this would be another, another amazing plot twist in the SPFF guys, I got to interrupt really quickly and just say just because somebody has specific restrictions on them doesn't mean they are not able to bypass them. I'm not saying he is bypassing them. I have just heard some very interesting stories from very interesting people about doing very interesting things and I never put it past anybody to break the law ration less protocols who knows anyone can do anything.

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