Aug 24, 2023

Tully & Weiss criminal defense attorney Joseph Tully weighs in on Tornado Cash developers Roman Storm and Roman Semenov facing allegations of money laundering and sanctions violations.

Video transcript

I, I think that this is sort of uh in, along the same lines of uh law that we've seen starting with Napster uh Bittorrent. Um you know, along those lines where developers are being charged, even even Silk Road um for things not that they did, but because they opened the door, so to speak, for illegal activity. Um I think that, uh you know, I, I it clashes with the law in some ways and that some of the questions that were raised um in the previous segment. Uh you know, can someone be charged for something that they didn't do? And the answer is no, the law clearly requires them to do something. There needs to be a mental component and, and an action component and you need to either have a criminal intent or a criminal conduct and this trial will raise a lot of those questions.

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