Jan 4, 2024

As part of CoinDesk's "Gen C" podcast, hosts Sam Ewen and Avery Akkineni discusses some of their predictions for 2024, including crypto lobbying returning after FTX's implosion, game engine-powered shopping experiences finding its place and why events and experiences could become more valuable.

Video transcript

Avery. I wanna know what you are excited about. What predictions do you have for next year? What format do you wanna do? Do you wanna do like one and one or do you want to do? Like you give me three and I'll give you my three. Let's do, let's do three and three. You wanna start? My first prediction is post SPF. Not only did it create a large sort of stain on our industry and we've been kind of working very slowly to get back to something that sort of people are, are comfortable going with. But SPF was throwing tons of money around Washington. And so you saw a, so a softening of how regulators and politicians were looking at crypto because he was lobbying and spending. I think it was almost $100 million on this when he got arrested and FDX blew up all that money dried up. And so you started to see the politicians in addition to the brand conversation around FTX start to pull away from crypto as much as possible. I've been paying attention where it's both with Brian R Armstrong as well as uh Brad Carling House at ripple just announced a big lobbying initiative. That's about $70 million. I think we're, we're gonna see that hole be closed in the lobbying initiatives that will go out to Washington, which I think then starts to translate into next year. A lot of politicians opening back up to the concept of crypto, especially if, if these Bitcoin ETF S and E ETF S get approved. I love that prediction. I'm into that. All right. Number two, the idea of game engine powered immersive shopping, I think is gonna really start finding its place in 2024. I keep thinking about it whether or not it is a Roblox or Fortnite partnering with a Shopify or they're replacing Shopify. The idea is not about buying digital assets, it's actually about buying physical assets, but that the environments buying them are gonna be powered by game engines. Number three, these LL MS keep getting wider and wider and, and sucking more and more information which I believe is diluting their accuracy. So I think that we're gonna see instead of bigger and wider LL MS very specific use case at LL MS that are going to really focus on. What's the one thing that this LLM can do really, really well, whether that's image generation, whether that's creating tweets that it's gonna be trained on data sets that we control and we own and that we're really excluding as much as possible. So it can be a really efficient model and agent for us in what we do. We're in that right now. Like we've already seen the multimodal in general of A I tools like, actually have like less efficiency than they used to in certain cases. And we've already gone in this like route of very specific custom models, more like a specialist versus a generalist sort of situation. So I agree with part one. So I'll give three of my predictions and you know, I remain absurdly bullish on, on crypto um in the long term. And I think that we're actually going to see crypto have like a breakthrough of consumer use case in a country outside of the U si think with just a regulatory environment in the US right now, I don't see that in the immediate cars here, but I think maybe it's a smaller country, it's an emerging market. It's oh wow. They actually found a way to make this useful and maybe in an authorized form of currency. The second thing. And I know I just talked about this is I think that events and experiences are gonna actually be more and more valuable because everyone is so saturated with like digital everything. I think that's why we're gonna see tickets through um games get more expensive and sponsorships get more valuable because one being there in person. But also the authenticity of what you can capture on social like at B we've talked a lot about like event is a content engine and generator. So what do you think about that one Sam? I mean, I love that and I come out of the experiential world. So I support it. And then my third prediction is I think this 2024 will be the year where like a I actually starts to like materially change the world of marketing. I think we'll see from a production standpoint first, like actual changes get made in terms of the basic things like asset resizing and localization. We've been getting our hands in it the last year and a half. And I've been actually really surprised with how quickly large fortune 100 advertisers are able to accept and adopt in this world. And I think this will be a year where like a I really does start to dramatically change the way that we go to market with communication messages and ads and campaigns and all that fun stuff. So I'm excited for that and I think it'll be a new world and new frontier for all of us to explore.

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