Feb 5, 2024

As loyalty programs continue to expand and become hyper-personalized, blockchain technology promises to give brands a clearer picture of their customers, whether online or at in-person events.

Video transcript

We talk about the crypto news every day here on this show and have some delightfully in depth conversations. And if you've never been to consensus, it's like this show but 100 times better coin desks, consensus 2024 will be in Austin Texas this year. And we are bringing back the microcosms NFT consensus ticket this ticket, the NFT rewards holders with tickets to consensus for the next three years along with other perks. Each NFT is tied to a unique work of digital art created by generative artist and engineer Fahad Karim. So if you are not into going to consensus three years in a row or rewards, I would get it just for the art because it is just beautiful. You can see it here on the screen. Now, you might now be wondering what generative art is and why so many NFTS are tied to it. The art style has actually been around for decades but recently regained popularity as a tool for NFT artwork. Generative art is a form of art that often uses autonomous systems or algorithms to randomly generate content. Usually an artist will input a set of rules like a range of colors and patterns against a number of iterations and randomness. Then the artist lets the computer do the work, generating the artwork within a framework. So now that we know about that and how cool generative art is, let's get back to consensus. Each holder of a microcosm NFT will get a pro pass to consensus airdropped to their wallets for the next three years. Now, if you don't want to go to a conference, you can sell this gift it, uh, or use it for yourself. If you do decide to attend, you must have the NFT in your wallet each year to receive the benefits. So that is the caveat holders are eligible to receive some pretty cool things like a 15 minute stage session to media buys worth $10,000 on coindesk.com, a piranha pass bonus tickets or exclusive merch. You can check it out at coindesk.com/consensus NFT.

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