Mar 13, 2024

XION core contributor Burnt Banksy answers five questions from CoinDesk, including why he set himself on fire for XION's launch, the coolest project in crypto right now, and whether he regrets burning Banksy's work.

Video transcript

Why did you set yourself on fire? I set myself on fire as like a beacon uh like a, like a torch like that of like lighting a torch and to light Zion up. Um I wanted to be this kind of vessel of that. Explain Zion to a five year old. We make crypto easy, crypto sucks. Do you regret burning the Banksy? No, not at all. What's the coolest project in crypto right now? And you can't say your own? OK. That's not fair. First of all, I think the coolest project is in with within research. I'm a big, I'm a big fan of ZK privacy kind of personally, that's why I, no doubt. Um And so I like what a lot of work is going on over there and I think a lot of cool innovation is happening and what will it take for real adoption? I think it's very similar to the difference of Amazon being an internet company versus being Amazon. It does not matter if it's a crypto company, it just needs to be a company and it needs to be a product that people actually want and not a solution looking for a problem.

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