Aug 21, 2023

Matt Hougan, Bitwise Asset Management Chief Investment Officer, discusses his outlook on the possible timeline for an ether futures ETF getting approved in the U.S., along with the evolving dynamics in the crypto ETF space.

Video transcript

But the general way timelines work is that these spot or these Ethereum futures EFS would be reviewed around the early part of October. That's when we will hear yes or no spot Bitcoin EFS could be reviewed at any point in time. But the next drop dead date, which is for the ARC application is in January of next year. Of course, the SEC could before that, but likely they will take longer to review those applications. They're more complex, there's more data behind them. So I think we will see a decision on E futures before we will see a decision on spot Bitcoin. But if you step back and you think about what's going on in the crypto industry over the last couple of years, what you're seeing is that the EF log jam is breaking up for a while. There were no crypto efs. Then we got crypto equity efs including one from bit wise. Then we got uh Bitcoin futures EFS. Now we're thinking about E futures and maybe E Bitcoin blended futures eventually spot Bitcoin and then other spot EFS I know people's perception is that the SEC has just been a no on E it's actually just been slow on ETF S but that regulatory logjam is now breaking up. And I think that's really exciting for investors. It brings a lot of new investors into the market. It's going to set the tone for this new cycle in crypto. And I think we should all be optimistic that we're going to continue to see progress as we've seen over the last few months in this space.

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