Apr 25, 2024

Author, journalist and podcast host Kara Swisher shares the story of her first bitcoin wallet and how bitcoin was more international in the early days as entrepreneurs were trying to solve a currency problem across the globe.

Video transcript

I heard that you had a Bitcoin wallet. It wasn't a wallet. Then you had to put it on a hard drive. And again, it's so long ago when it, when it made me do this. So I could see it and it was on a hard drive, on a, on a thumb drive. It is somewhere in the world unless it's gotten destroyed for some reason, $50 sticks in my head. I bought 10 of them. Um, and it was definitely $50 at the time. I just did it for a story and, uh, just to see how it worked and then I proceeded to lose it. So there you have it. There's my four G. Do you think? I have no idea where it is? And if I found it, I wouldn't be able to access it. You know what I mean? The whole thing is just a disaster. I mean, you know, it's sort of like me turning down jobs at Amazon Google, Facebook. I turned down jobs at every AOL, at every company right before they got big. So that's just me. I just love losing money. Do you ever? I was aware it was going to be big. I I, same thing with Bitcoin. I thought it was really interesting. There was a whole bunch of different really interesting companies around it and these were real entrepreneurs who were trying to solve a currency problem across the world. You know, it was much more international. So that's what attracted me to it. So that was a really interesting story to me and, and then it sort of got overtaken by, you know, we're going to stop the man and I was like, you are the man, but ok, sure, go ahead, stop the man.

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