Dec 7, 2023

As a part of CoinDesk's Most Influential 2023, Coinbase head of protocols and creator of layer 2 "Base" Jesse Pollak weighs in on the role of artificial intelligence technologies in on-chain developments.

Video transcript

The combination of on chain plus A I is incredibly powerful. And I mean, if you just think about on chain alone, what we're seeing is that um engineers who are building on chain can often have 10 times the impact um of people who are building off chain. And so a great example of this is um you know, you, you see kind of coin base exchange um which, you know, we spent the last building and is incredible product. Um And uh you know that that's taken hundreds of engineers to build and maintain. And then on chain, you have products like UNIS swap, which the original version was built by one engineer. Um And so you have this kind of uh new platform that's enabling people to build much faster and get much more leverage. And so increasingly teams at Coinbase are starting to build on chain. Uh And we're seeing that dynamic as well. You know, we just launched the Coinbase verifications product uh which lets people bring their identity on chain that was built by a really small team. Uh We just launched a new version of Coinbase commerce uh that is fully on chain on base um that was built by a really small team. I think there's probably like 5 to 10 other projects happening internally where you have small teams who are having out sides impact because they're building on this new platform. And then of course A I is coming in and accelerating it. You know, for me as, as I'm working with A I, what I find is that it takes a task that would have normally taken me hours and makes it take minutes. And that is an incredibly powerful accelerant for all of these teams who are starting to use this new platform to gain more leverage in the way they're building.

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