Is Bitcoin in a Bubble? The ‘Coin Toss’ Debate

With bitcoin prices up over 70% since the beginning of the year, is the world's most valuable cryptocurrency in a bubble? And, are Tether's troubles really behind it after settling with the N.Y. Attorney General's office? Tim Swanson and Trace Mayer tackle these two big debates on "Coin Toss."

CoinDesk - Unknown
A debate format covering one to three topics per show. Adam B. Levine serves as the moderator featuring two guests with opposing views. The debates will include expert, influential and passionate analysis of timely and topical issues in the areas of import and interest to the cryptocurrency and global finance world including policy and regulation, privacy/encryption/data integrity, fraud/crime, technology and markets. Of course, the program will also tackle ongoing, provocative questions that the crypto community is still debating to this day from protocols to philosophy. SHOW IS CURRENTLY ON HIATUS.