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SEC Gives YouNow’s Ethereum Token ‘Props’ Reg A+ Approval

| Daniel Kuhn

The U.S. securities regulator has given two blockchain token-centric projects its approval this week.

SEC, FINRA Issue Explanation of Crypto Custodian Approval Delay

| Nikhilesh De

In a joint statement Monday, the SEC and FINRA laid out the issues they must examine before approving broker-dealer applications from crypto startups.

Blockchain Association Takes Over Kik’s ‘Defend Crypto’ Crowdfunding Effort

| Nikhilesh De

The Blockchain Association will now oversee Kik's "Defend Crypto" campaign, with the added goal of helping other startups fight legal cases.

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SEC Begins Accepting Public Comments on ETF Backed by Bitcoin and T-Bills

| Nikhilesh De

The SEC has kicked off a public comment period for a proposed ETF backed by bitcoin and T-bills.

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Howey Schmowey – The Real Answer is to Update Securities Regulations

| David Weisberger

The SEC should focus more on fraud prevention than if an asset is a security, as fraud can be committed with securities too, argues David Weisberger.

Stonewalled by FINRA, Up to 40 Crypto Securities Wait in Limbo for Launch

| Nikhilesh De

Wall Street watchdog FINRA has sat for as long as 12 months on roughly 40 broker-dealer applications by blockchain startups.

Kik vs SEC – The Lawyers Speak

| Bailey Reutzel and Evan Engel

The SEC's complaint against Kik, after it raised $100 million in an ICO, seemed pretty brutal, but not so fast, we're only hearing one side of the…

Firm That Saw Stock Boost After Crypto ‘Pivot’ Hit With New SEC Charges

| Nikhilesh De

The SEC filed fresh fraud charges against Longfin Corp. on Wednesday, alleging the company falsified its accounting. Longfin's stock price jumped…

The SEC Case Against Kik’s ICO Appears Strong, Experts Say

| Nikhilesh De

The SEC seems to have a strong case on the facts in its complaint against Kik and its 2017 token sale, according to legal experts.

The 8 Biggest Bombshells From the SEC’s Kik ICO Lawsuit

| Brady Dale

In a complaint filed Tuesday, the SEC laid out where Kik allegedly ran afoul of U.S. securities law with its $98 million ICO in 2017. It also…